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  1. Thank you for Bible study. I never had one. When I got saved in the house of a lady who was from the Assembly of God Church. I joined this church and the pastor would mock and criticize me for wearing make up and not dancing. I have a Muslim background so I never danced and I put on make up for christ not in get men's attention.. But I was a Bahai when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior. So on the 3rd of February 2019 in my prayer a voice said join the catholic church. I didn't even know that it was christ church because they had statues and I had Muslim mentality then. But out of obedience I joined this church. The people didn't teach me about my God, the church the building did. How I used to study was reading the Bible from book of genesis to revelation. What I also got was deliverance. Something I was struggling with and as I got from the old testament to the new testament, I would overcome some of the problems I had been facing. And while reading some scriptures would pop out and God would reveal to me what it means and how to relate it in my life.
    I also had something similar to this lady who's mother got her into prostitution. My mother too was pushing me into this but I fought back. She is a witch, a jezabel. So I asked Jesus why did you weave me in a jezabels womb? Today I got an answer. He said when I weaved you she wasn't a jezabel then. She was a woman who wanted to make it right with me. Just like you asked for a sister before you all went to Canada and I gave you this sister. When we were living in Canada she got pregnant and she aborted my brother. After this we came back to Fiji and she had her womb removed because it was bad.
    Sometimes I think I shouldn't have asked for my sister because after she had her. This wicked mother of mine started hating me more and she put all my siblings against me. But then I sometimes think if I had her selfish love then I could've become more wicked than her so it wasn't wrong to ask for a sister who came as a blessing in disguise to save my soul in my life.

  2. Thank You Jesus for life and everything. Oh Lord show me mercy, help my Spiritual life by mercy, i can't do this without YOU JESUS. Help me Abba Father In The Name Of Jesus Amen Amen


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