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  1. thank you for showing us those passages of scripture. today i fell back into the masturbation i repented of, not for the lust of the eyes or anything, but after weeks i think "to see if everything is okay". it was a horrible thing to do and its not the first time im turning away from it, but its getting better and better every day and i can control my urge. just this time i didnt. please pray for me. i want to be as much of a faithful servant to the LORD as possible! ALL GLORY to Jesus! i pray everyday to him, for my own struggle and for our brothers and sisters. God bless all of you, Amen!

  2. this title aggravated me, guess this gramma woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, Yes God's children living in repentance still sin! We All fall short of the Glory of God! But the difference is, we, true believers, CANNOT live in Habitual Sin! We can't eat and drink the slop of this world like a pig, we have been regenerated by the Living God! We fall at times, get back up and repent of it, and get back on the path of righteousness! because He who began a good work will finish it, or it really wasn't Him to begin with, to have repented unto salvation years ago is to continue in repentance AND GROWING in it to today! Is God doing a good work in you? Hate your sin? the more you continue in repentance, the more sin your made aware of, you repent of and change even more! Being made more into the likeness of Christ, we WALK in that, everyday, we can't and won't conform to the world and the ways of it, it's not about doing what we hate and not doing what we love, we're changed gradually into loving what God loves, and Hating what God hates! Do You Bear Fruit For GOD? !God Bless xo

  3. The main key to walking in the spirit is repentance. We cannot do anything on our own merit. 1 John 1:9 the Lord says forgiveness comes through repentance. If we confess our sin He is just and faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. He also says he will remember our sins no more . Only God has the power forget sins we do not.

  4. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING VIDEO !!! Watching it took almost 15 minutes ! Learning from it took me almost 2 hours !!! After CONVICTING MYSELF FURTHER with each word quoted from GOD's HOLY BIBLE 😀 brother LEVI !!! Wow !!! PTL !!! "ALL Praise & Glory B2 OUR merciful, living & loving YHVY" !!!

  5. I have a question…what if your still praying for Jesus to break the chains of addiction but it hasn't happened yet? I'm still praying daily numerous times daily sometimes. I haven't gotten that break through yet but i have not lost hope I've still kept my faith & hope in Jesus..So my question is- If I'm still in my sinful addiction but I have repented (Had a change of mind. I dont want to do it anymore & I realize how bad & evil it is) but i have yet to have that break through- At the end of ur video u said That if u keep sinning knowing the truth, then Jesus no longer can save you basically..So, I'm just wondering- What about people like me? who are trying but are still sinning knowing the truth? but dont like doing it anymore- I mean…anyone whose had addiction …uhh…should know that…it takes time…alot of time.. (sometimes)..& alot of relapses, before conquering it 100%..I believe Jesus and ONLY JESUS can save me and conquer my addiction..!
    I just feel guilty SO MUCH each time & @ times I feel like just giving up because its not happening as quick as i thought or sometimes i feel like its me or im doing it wrong blah blah blah. It just makes me feel totally bad about myself, like i should just give up- But then I realize its on God's time- NOT MINE.
    I just wanna feel rest assured that I'm doing this the right way and That I'm still saved or in the process of. I dont want to be making excuses for myself either or for my addiction..It's such a tricky thing. Please let me know! And if people can pray 4 me ?! and ask the Lord to take this addiction from me!? id appreciate it. thank you

  6. Sin unto death = willful sin and sin which is not unto death = not willful. We all can stop sinning, no temptations is harder than what we can bear, 1 Corinthians 10:13. Jesus can set us free. (John 8:36) You can not willfully sin sometimes and go to heaven, you must stop willfully sinning all the times to be worthy of heaven, the man who put his hand on the plow and look back is not worthy of heaven.

  7. yes jsutin I agree man I grew up in a lukewarm christian home as well. I did go to church with my grandma and what not but man it took some true love of god to get me going on my own. I have made some really bad mistakes and repented and pray. I am trying daily to show god and Jesus I love them and am for them levi sure took me home with the scriptures I love this channel. With so many false channels and preachers trying to (skate) the bible its a wonder more of the world isnt on the side of firey torment…..

  8. Amen brother Levi. Amen Amen AMEN. You hit the nail on the head! I cannot wait to show this to friends and family who believe they're going to heaven while living lives they are living . I have absolutely no room to talk though…but I'm at least willing to change. It's mind boggling the days we're living in. I already feel like deception is at an all-time high but the fact of the matter is…its only just begun. Growing up (in a lukewarm Christian home) I NEVER thought I'd see what we're witnessing these days. By the Grace of God my eyes were opened about 3-4 years ago. Thank You LORD.

    P.S. Add me to your prayer list 🙂


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