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  1. i heard this type of warning over fifteen years ago i told people got locked up but that didn't matter the most troubleing thing i experienced was the 'INDIFFERENCE' in a lot of people i told, so i will give a WARNING with this video if you are indifferent to this then the devil has already got you and you have NO hope in hell because the passionate God that i serve WILL not listen to you… oh by the way the devil gets more power over you if you 'are' indifferent and if you are then you were the one that made the choice to be that way. Just because you have 'free will' so you can choose to be like God with passion 'hate & love' or be like the devil and be 'indifferent' the choice is yours (pretty cool hey i was like morpheus only offering the truth nothing more ha ha)

  2. Fasting is one of the most important ways to get ready. It exercises your spirits ability to deny your flesh. Some folks are storing up food and ammo BUT….how long will those supplies last when in obedience you give it to everyone who asks ? A good practice for preparing for tribulations is witnessing and warning NOW. You will be doing that full time when the mark becomes law. How could you hide away and not warn God's children ? Set your mind to this like a soldier before the big battle. Set you mind to die. Be smart, but don't be a coward and miss your reward/salvation.

  3. I have felt like God has left me before and i fell into sin. After repenting and talking with my brother, i relized my heart wasent in the right place. I was worshiping God out of ritual, not love- just as the Pharisees. We need worship God because we love him. Amen 🙏


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