It’s time for another #BibleStudyWithMe series and OH MAN am I excited for this one! As you can see, we will be going through the book of #Galatians. 💛

A friend recommended Galatians as being a great book to follow our James BSWM series, and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s why: in James we talked a lot about how faith without works is dead (2:17). Works don’t earn our salvation, but they are a natural, necessary byproduct of genuine faith. In Galatians, Paul is rebuking those in the churches of Galatia for teaching and believing they have to earn their faith through adherence to the law, which was the opposite of the gospel he had given to them. Which poses the question: if it’s not about the law, what even is the purpose of the law? And if our works don’t earn salvation, yet they still matter, then how can we go about living the way God has called us to live, without believing that our doing so earns us any sort of merit? Galatians is going to bring clarity to these issues. 🙌🏼

In Galatians chapter 1, Paul is bringing hard truth because he is not worried about pleasing people, but serving God. When our aim is to please people, we can tend to soften the truth, but when we are driven by a desire to serve God, then the PURPOSE of God frees us from the need for people’s approval. ✨

There is so much GOODNESS packed into this chapter, and I can’t wait to study it with you in this #BibleVideo. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below letting me know what you learned from this chapter, and what verse(s) stood out to you most. 😊



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“For am I now seeking the approval or man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” | Galatians 1:10



  1. Just started Galatians! I was led here by one of my favorite scriptures, which is Galatians 5:22 (fruit of the Spirit). I am looking forward to getting a better understanding through your bible study. Thanks!

  2. Context defines meaning! I try and do that every time before I start a book!Thank you for walking through the purpose and intent of Paul writing to the church in Galatia. Not many do state the context anymore. If we don’t know the context, principles cannot properly be drawn out. Truth is there, but we must take truth out of the context it is written in. Thank you. You have encouraged me.

  3. I love your "style" of teaching the Word! I have learned so much by your style. I have been studying the Bible for a long time and just came across your videos. You have a gift in teaching! Thank you so much for taking the time and the effort in teaching God's Word……I truly appreciate it! I will share your videos. God bless!

  4. God I pray that I will only focus on pleasing you and what you want for my life. I DO NOT need to please people in the world. You are ALL I NEED. Amen <3

    Amazing bible study, thank you! Much needed during this time. Keep shinning your light.

  5. Thanks for the teaching Kaci! I did listened to you & background instrumental gym song while I did my workout 😂💪Nice way you put about how Paul shared the word of God straight way! Also I like the way you said something like "you maybe don’t like to hear but I am bringing a message from God” Powerful! Most the time I don’t worried what people think about what I say about Jesus! Thou sometimes I do think how they will judge me or somethig like that! But your message today encourage me to share the good news with more “energy” Thanks again!
    Have a blessed sunday!

  6. We can’t please man, I get that. But what is so interesting to me is we aren’t even called to please God but to serve him, which is such a different posture. Pleasing him would be “How can I make you happy?” Which could almost lead to feeing justified by your works, seeking out “big accomplishments” by the world’s standards. But serving… to humble yourself and ask him to use you however he wants to to advance his kingdom, is such a different posture. It looks for no approval, just direction. I hope all that makes sense. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Really love and appreciate your channel it's an amazing way to learn the books of the bible one on one, just wish your pace was a little bit slower though🙄. Love it regardless, just gotta keep replaying🥳

  8. Because of my travels I have been to many different churches over the years and it’s amazing, in a sad way, how common it now seems to be for church leaders to add their own unique rules/laws to gospel. They all for the most part have the same, true, core message of the Gospel but to varying degrees had added to it.
    Some Cross Reference verses:
    Deuteronomy 4:2
    Romans 16:17
    Deuteronomy 12:32
    Oh and Revelations 22:18-19 …some very sobering words right there. Not that I ever wanted to but surely after reading that I ever more do not want to add or take away from God’s Holy Word, the Gospel of Jesus.

    Glad I could be hear and apart of this Bible study. Tomorrow I will watch the second video in this series and get caught up with you all.

  9. Hello Kaci, just recently did a YouTube search for “Bible Study” and now I’m subscribed to a few new channels. Yours being one of them. Glad I found your channel just as your beginning a new series. I will be sure to participate and give feedback on each video in this new Bible study series. Looking forward to what everyone else has to say as well. 😀 ~Divided we fail, we fall. United we still can fall but it is much easier to get back on our feet again and defend one another against the enemy.~

  10. I just went through the book of Galatians, did a light study. I love it! I look forward to reading it again with you and maybe getting new insight. God Bless. 💚🌻

  11. Kaci, you are wonderful! It's amazing how God is using you to encourage people to act on their faith and what they receive from the word. Your point about naturally caring less about your image and what others think of you through your desire to walk with God was what I needed to hear right now. I've been watching since your bible study in James, and I want to send you some admiration. Keep doing what you're doing, it's inspiring and enlightening.

  12. this was amazing! i’m glad i studied it with you because it would’ve been very easy to take it out of context if i hadn’t listened in a different perspective! thank you so much for the encouraging words! love the verses 19-22 because it means you don’t have to have fame and glory to be with God! keep up the great work 👍🏼👍🏼

  13. this will be the first study I'm doing with you! I absolutely love your channel! I've recently come back to the faith and I just found you on here and it's honestly so refreshing, I love how God is using you to share His word in such a clear, understandable way. You're awesome girl!


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