4:28 – Already Won
8:22 – Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
16:31 – Who Are You
21:15 – Message
1:09:55 – Who You Say I Am

We exist to bring the awesome life of Christ to a lost and broken world because that’s what Jesus told us to do and Biblical Authority is our number one value.




  1. God loves you, "As You Are…" Not when you are baptizing 3000 people in the Name Of Jesus in a river, but As You Are… He loves you when you are casting a net for fish and you don't even know who Jesus is yet… Powerful Jim///Thank You!!! I was baptized within this church in 2007 and still love the message Jim and his fellow teachers teach every week… Thank you Jim you and your whole team are amazing… I just love your heart on teaching the message of Jesus love for the ones who want Him in their lives… Hoping to be learning in rows (soon) while I am still growing in circles…👍💖✝️💖👍


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