Biblical discovery leads to the unfolding of the global agenda and who is really behind the evil movement.



  1. Steven my husband and I need prayers. We have had our 2 granddaughters ever since they was born and know their biological dad is going for custody because the state was going after him for child support. He has never tried to ever see them or call them or anything at all. We are trying to adopt them and we have given them a good and loving home. They call us mom and dad.. The oldest was vaccine injured it was before we knew what they did and she is slightly autistic and we have home schooled them both. They are both doing great in school. It has been very hard for the oldest so my son who is yheir uncle tutors the oldest and she has done great in school this year and we are horrified that he could get them and it would devastate them both so much. So we pray that the biological dad stays away they are both very scared and dont want to even see him. So we ask for prayers please. We are also very scared that if he got them he would give them the vjab. God bless

    JAB💉😳😔" &

  3. We moved and sadly, I will not be giving one of my sons my address, only a po box number, since he has taken the juice, I know he will turn us in later. He is always nagging me about taking it, and I am a 35 yr nurse who has been studying this since day one, and do believe it is the mark, as other countries can't buy or sell wo it, ppl losing thier jobs, homes, for refusing. In fact, we haven't given out address to anyone due to this. I tell them if you want to visit, you will meet us at a certain place, leave your phone in your car. And ride w us to our home. Sounds harsh, but later, it may keep us safe for a while. I have friends who have done the same.

  4. I think we are subjected to manipulation, a fear of the virus led to us following instructions from government officials, media opinions and being subjected to critical judgement of anyone diverting from the agenda. I felt the divide early in 2020 with family mostly .They live in the Chicago Il area ,first thing was sniping "disagreeing " on social media, loss of a sense of humor, refusing to think for themselves, repetitive advice related to following scientists. People are scared and being forced to follow orders given by vaccine salesmen. my coworkers have got better in 2 weeks after getting the C-flu. Not one has died thank God. I cannot judge my fellow man for what they do over this damndemic ,they are being programmed and manipulated in my opinion.It is obvious something other than a virus is going on.Could a drug company supplied with endless funding drive a fear and bribe gov. officials to make mass profits? Why isn`t the source of it all being sought, something so deadly and affecting almost everyone on earth yet the level 4 labs performing gain of function and the funding source is not common knowledge.

  5. Steve for me please do a Hebrew definition meaning of the word ( TRIBULATION ) Then tell me why everyone thinks I'm way off , when I keep saying Tribulation is already here . KIRK'OUT'PEACE

  6. 2 predictions for Christmas 🎅. Bitcoin Will be $100k🇺🇸 and Joe Biden will no longer be President. So because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money.

  7. Steve remind me to the scripture : John : when the Pharisee said they want to stone Jesus / And Jesus Told them / Does it not say "In Your own Law " , ( I SAID YE ARE GOD'S ) pay attention to whom Jesus Refers to ! They have been here since the BEGINNING ! the Shinny One's

  8. THANK YOU STEVE ; LOOKING at La Palma ( America ) And Hawaii : America right ( N ) the Middle ! And I read Revelation 1: 8-9 / Two possibilities : Both La Palma and Hawaii Blow and Maybe both blow a Firery Stone into the sea ! And ( A Third of All Ships are Sunk . Or May be an Astroid hits Both Islands on the same day ! Well just do"n some math , The LORD said I A Show Ye : And it's Right here in our face ! Blessings Always KIRK'OUT'PEACE

  9. I wish I could, but I'm broke now most of the time since my income crashed March Friday the 13th 2020. Maybe really, that's why some don't support you, because they can't. I really do appreciate what you do, and I am revitted on what you say. But if I could, I really would. 😔🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Well done . God bless. We pray for you and your wife. Financially we cannot do much now, because due to the fact that we do not want to adhere to mandate, we are forced out of our jobs. It is a very late hour, but we have decided to follow our Lord and Saviour and di nit defile our temples. We appreciate your commitment. God bless.

  11. They already deliver their unborn
    Babies to be murdered and
    Mutilated though evil abortion.
    So they will do the same to each
    Other and all thinking that they
    Will not come to the same end.

  12. These ambiguous entities are not making a good case for being benevolent, the second I started praying up before bed the damned nightmares stopped. From people who supposedly worked with these things apparently it is better to assume ill will until proven otherwise.

  13. Remember the Catholic Church and Internat'l Red Cross were responsible for providing hundreds of Nazis with new passports, identies, and baptizing with new names after WW2. Also helping war criminals with passage to other with Nations including to South American Countries.

  14. They hide these things in plane site. See this Here??? So you DONT LOOK, Over There. Deception! Confusion!( Not from God ). And Steve You Are One of the Few who Speak and Teach This! Thank you

  15. @Israeli News Live
    I believe the masculine shining ones amongst men, who put on a garment/robe of priesthood and enter the houses of prayer (churches) of these little women, that is young established denominations, being taken as captives, by the false doctrines of these false christs (Church leaders) and false prophets (Church ministers). The context of the end times is deception at the hands of those false church leaders and ministers who have crept in unawares to the flock, who spiritually murder the flock by leading them astray and thereby separating them from Christ, resulting in their spiritual death. The false shepherds of the many newly established denominations will be used by Satan to perpitrate The Falling Away from the Faith stated by Saint Paul in 1 Timothy 4:1 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3. In context to the Falling Away that is Apostasy, in Matthew 24:10 Jesus is saying many will turn away from Him, as mentioned in Matthew 24:24, if it were possible they shall decieve the VERY Elect. These shining ones as they may appear amongst men wearing robes are the false shepherds who knowing that their denominations have many of the flock ladden with sins, will seduce the flock by a liberal progressive theological, that is itchy ears theology of piling on the sins, with no intentions of repentance, but a continual degradation of morality to the point where it becomes the pigs field. The Man of Sin in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 in the Greek is Anthropos, meaning people in general, indicating a plural term as the many Sons of Perdition, who are like Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot is the only one who is called a son of perrdition and yet these many sons of perdition are the shining ones wearing the robes of Christ prophesying to be of God, as God sitting in place of His Christ, yet denying the power and authority of God and His Christ completely. In 2 Timothy 3:5 Paul instructs the flock from such leaders turn away. Jesus even said the same thing by saying to not commune where they present themselves and to separate yourselves from them, do not believe them because they are liars.

  16. It’s been reported that earthquakes are happening in a grid formation, as if triggered on purpose artificially!
    Really doesn’t surprise me, they’re look to cause a Tsunami.

  17. Steve, That started last year. With turning family and neighbors into authorities. Because people were congregating together🤦‍♀️ So it is for our time. Canada. Along with others here in the U. S. Want those of us who won’t get stuck or who believe in Jesus, and the Freedom of this Country . ANYONE WHO WONT CONFORM INTO DEATH CAMPS. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THEY’RE “ MOST DEFINITELY NOT ! RE EDUCATION CAMPS. GOD WILL PROTECT US ! AS HE DID DOWN THROUGH OUT THE WORD OF GOD. The Remnant Has Much work to complete before 2025. God is a God of TIMES AND SEASONS. Daniels 70th Week. ( no date nor hour setting ). But BE AS THE SONS OF ISSACHAR. Shalom

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