The Incredible Hulk is no match for God’s Incredible Grace. Prophetess Lisa decodes a dreamer’s dream language to reveal the matter’s of her heart. Anger is self-destructive, but God intervenes with a dream to turn the dreamer aside from her destructive conduct.Anger is about to be displaced with the Father’s grace.



  1. last night i dreamed i was shopping, the first store i went to refused to sell me anything and the owner said he does do business with my kind(apparently he hates lesbians). the next store was very different i bought a purple midi length skirt,a matching jacket,a white blouse,and some knee high black boots. an i looked good in that outfit. before i left the store a woman there(fellow customer not employee) began to flirt with me. then i realize she is literately a succubus, she has demon horns on her head jetting out of her dark black hair,a pair of bat wings she uses to fly just above the ground,a tail with a spade on the end,and has a combination of goat like hoofs and high heels for feet. she is wearing a very tight tank top and daisy duke shorts.i tell her i am in a relationship and that i am not interested ,that does not deter her at all she ask me to bring my girlfriend so the three of us can have "fun" together.she is clearly turned on as her short start to look moist. i tell her no that i'm a Christian and that my wife and i don't do that kind of thing(i don't have a wife in real life yet). she sticks out her snake like tongue at me and sneers at me. i walk out of the store leaving her behind then i woke up.


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