How can you move your knowledge of biblical Greek forward in a significant way in one year? In this video I’ll provide a quick how to guide to planning your year so that you can take a big jump forward in your knowledge of Greek.

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Links to resources mentioned in this video
Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar (4th Ed) (Mounce):
Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook (4th Ed) (Mounce):
Reading Biblical Greek Grammar (Gibson and Campbell):
Reading Biblical Greek Workbook (Gibson and Campbell):
Intermediate Greek Grammar (Mathewson):
Going Deeper with New Testament Greek:

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  1. What a great video! I am working through a beginner NT greek grammar. I'm using Machen because it's the one I went through when I took greek in undergrad (several years ago. I'm trying to get my chops back). I have a question about setting my goals for the year: 1) Should I use a different grammar? One of the two you recommended? Also, I'm a therapist by trade so I love seeing those DSM's behind you. Lol.

  2. Well worth listening to and considering. Great talk on planing it out and how to have periodic times to keep or get back on track. Although the topic here is learning Greek, the concepts would apply to many long term goals.


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