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Genesis 15:11
And when the fowls came down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away.

Crow belongs to a group of birds. These birds does not have good background in the Bible. They can be seen as Ravens. Ravens are unclean animals (Lev 11:5). They eat of feed on corpses of any deadly creature. In some cultures, crows cannot be killed. In other cultures, if you eat crows, you will die. In dream, they are bad omen. It represent the outburst of bad news.

Example 1. A man dream where he saw black crow on top of a tree calling his names like seven (7) times and when this gentleman wakes up, he receives the arrow of impotency. That is, he cannot perform sexually.

Example 2: A woman often dreams of crows pursuing her whenever she is pregnant. The moment she encounter crows chasing after, she will lost her womb and instantly fall sick.

Example 3: A certain man went to his village during the festive period. He was a powerful man of God. He went to his hometown to conduct deliverance. By the time he was approaching the compound of his father’s house, at the top of a banana tree he saw black crow staring at him. The young pastor didn’t pay more attention to the crows. As the young minister begins to pray, to his surprise, his hands was instantly paralyzed, he could not move his hands to pray. While falling on the ground praying, the power of God came upon him and restore his hands. The Holy Spirit asks him to pray against evil birds challenging his ministration. That was when deliverance came upon the village. The mysterious power of evil birds.

Dream about crows are indications of gradual death or receiving bad news usually about someone’s ill health or death. In rare cases, these dreams could manifest as symbols of temptation. Crows in dreams symbolize fears, pains, bad news, and troubles. It is not uncommon to wake up feeling the presence of crows around after seeing crows in a dream. If this dream still persist after your rigorous prayers, this is a satanic attempt to kill you. Crows are carrier of problems, obstacles and sorrow. If you are expecting a good news call, and you are dreaming of raven means bad luck. Not many people are attaching symbolic meanings to this type of dream.

Crows in your dream means witchcraft attack of destruction of God’s blessings. Such dream can alert you that some persons are planning to harm you. While feeling helpless after the attack, It is important to remember what activity does the crows performed in the dream. If you are a pastor and you keep seeing these birds, means you will loose the power of spiritual discernment. If you are surrounded by wicked people, it is likely for you to see crows attacking and hitting the window. Some people have encounter satanic birds in their dream and they will be demoted, or poor. If the crow is constantly staring into your eyes and you feel fearful or scared in your dream, it means the witches are planning to visit you. Crows hide in darkness and fear the light. These dream means the witchcraft season of sorrow and weeping have been programmed into your life. In some cases, this dream means the enemy is planning to bring down one member of the family. If you love that family, go on midnight prayer and intercede for them. To get more other dream symbols of crows, check the video.


1. Evil birds whispering my name in the heavenlies, be arrested by fire in Jesus .
2. Every satanic bird posted to my house to divert my goodness, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every evil bird laid upon my life, receive the fire of God and wither, in the name of Jesus.
4. I recover back by fire and by force everything stolen from me in my days of ignorance, in Jesus name.
5. Every power assigned to weaken my faith, die now, in Jesus name.
6. Night powers, dominating my night, scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus.
7. Every one calling my name for evil, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
8. Anything representing me in the demonic world, I withdraw your representation, in Jesus name.
9. Every power ordained to suffocate my destiny, receive fire and die, in Jesus name.
10. Angels of God search through the land of the living and the dead and recover my lost virtues and goodness for me, in Jesus name.
11. Every good thing that is dead in my life, receive life by fire, in the name of Jesus.
12. Let all those having satanic night vigils against me be silenced in the grave in the name of Jesus.
13. Anyone that needs to die for me to live long, die now, in the name of Jesus.
14. I use the blood of Jesus to cancel any evil that is coming towards me, in Jesus name.
15. I command all the dark works done against my life in the secret to be exposed and nullified.




  1. I see crows a few meters away from my place, some times they fly and cry at my balcony some times I cheese them.this not a dream man of god, there is a dumping ground a few meters away fro my flat. what does this mean


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