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Dance is an art of moving your hands and legs rhythmically to a music. Dream about dancing is a reflection of joy and victory. Dance is mentioned on many occasions in Bible. The first appearance of Godโ€™s people dancing as an act of worship is found in Exodus 15:20.

In Psalm 30:11, the psalmist says, โ€œYou turned my wailing into dancing.โ€ Psalm 149:3 encourages the use of dancing to worship God. Dancing can serve as a communication to God. Dance is a beautiful art form that can bring glory to God and edifying others. When interpreting the dream about dancing, it is very important to take a critical look at the rhymes.

Can you recall the tune? What kind of music played in your dancing dream? Were there sounds of nature or an instrument? Was someone singing? All these questions and answers to them could help you get closer to the true meaning behind your dream. In this video, you will know the biblical and spiritual meaning of dream about dancing.


1. O Lord, empower me to praise and worship you through dancing.
2. My Father, turn my weeping to joy and my joy to dancing, in Jesus name.
3. My Father, I praise you for the great things you have done in my life.
4. Oh Lord, I praise you for fighting the battles of my life in Jesus name.
5. Oh Lord, I will praise You, in the midst of my trials, you are indeed the reason why I am happy.
6. Father I praise you for I have won the victory in Christ Jesus.
7. Father, I will use my dance to appreciate your goodness in my life.
8. Whether I am sad or happy, I will continually thank you for everything.



  1. I just woke up from a dream that I was dancing in. I was alone dancing someone
    came and said aww you are rocking and I replied to the person I said yes I donโ€™t even know how to dance but Iโ€™m happy and dancing today.

  2. I dreamed last week that I was teaching others a very powerful dance to a godly song in a church but I donโ€™t remember the song…I wish I could remember the choreography.

  3. I had a dream in which my mum and my siblings had visited me at my marital home in the village. We were singing and dancing in the compound. We danced until my father in-law was surprised how much we could dance. Then my mother who is 70 years turned and was looking young like in 40s and she was addressing people with confidence. It was like a celebration of some achievement on my side. Thank you Lord for your blessings that are coming. I will tell of your goodness day in day out. Thank you for the great things you are about to do in my life and my family. In Jesus name amen

  4. Thank you for this channel. I had a dream of my son( I donโ€™t have a child in reality) wedding. The bride was from a royal family. As we got to the entrance the mother in law( Queen) said to the guard to ensure my seat is very nice and make everyone notice me and should write a riddle on the back of my chair. Please what is the interpretation of this


  6. I dreamed that I was on a school bus, and the seat area felt so small and restricted. Unknown strangers on the school bus would dance here and there. Finally I began to dance to some immoral sexual music. The bus driver told me to sit down because the bus was in motion. I and the others on the bus began to laugh.

  7. I dream my president was dancing and he was singing that God bless you and give you and multiply you.and he say to change door and put grass ones as and make new stairs

  8. Once I dreamt my mother frantically dancing to unseen music in front of my stepfather and step-siblings. I left them and found myself driving in a car without steering. Things have never been the same again between us, in particular, my mother. How do I break the curse?

  9. I had a dream dancing with the deputy president of my country, called me to dance on a floor. People seated around, on round tables. I walked to him and started dancing. I had a beautiful wedding dress. I was wearing white leather converse wedges, the right shoe lace.andwas loose, and the right sock inside the shoe was coming off. We danced , no music on the background. While dancing I touched his waist and he left the dance floor. Then other people joined in. Please translate for me.

  10. Dreamed that me and wife a kid were coming in contact with and flying into the Sun. Our bodies were glowing very bright. There was no heat…just glowing. I started singing. It seemed peaceful. Then scene changed and we were inside and it was like a parking lot with cars, but I wanted to go toward a light at the end of rainbow like structure that I saw. Then woke up.

  11. And other dream was not about dancing but it burses me a lot I was lost my Job and one night I got a dream that I went to the Pastor's wife to pray for me so that I can get another job but when I told her she looked forward and she saw a big mountain where I was going to pass and she take off her garment it was like soldier's and she gave it to me and I put it on then she say good bye to me then I claimed that mountain when I reach on its top I ray down on it and that garment helped me to get Off quickly so what was that dream mean please

  12. Praise the Lord am ugandan but l like your show last night I had a dream about dancing we was 4 in Church Pastor,me,gospel artiest one man playing piano and they was praise me I was busy dancing and I put a swimming ring in my west and continue dansing and then a baby carrys not in a dream he was really carrying a wake up saying why is he stoping to dance but in my heart I was so happy.what was that dream mean man of God


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