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Lemons are an excellent preventative medicine and have a wide range of healing properties. Locally, lime can be used to treat malaria, fever , typhoid etc. The juice is good for the repair of our body system. Although the fruit is very acid, once eaten it has an alkalizing effect upon the body. The acidic nature can drive away evil spirit. In this same way, If you are seen taking lemon tea, lemon leaves, or lemon juice, it means you want to cleanse every problem in your life. The dream of seeing a lemon also signifies good health. That is a sign that you will have a healthy life. If you were squeezing a lemon, it indicates the need to cure certain problems through prayers and fasting. On the other hand, If you dream of a lemon, it means your life is going, bitter and this has made you not to stay happy. The Biblical meaning of lemon is a reflection of hope, eternity, happiness, deliverance warding off evil etc. The lemon tree is a symbolism of fruitfulness and protection from demonic attack. if you have been trying to get medication for your illness and you drink lemon juice in your dream, it means that you will need to start taking lemon juice for your healing.


1. Let the Holy Spirit purge out any form of sickness in my life, in Jesus name.
2. O Lord, let the spirit of joy, happiness and peace begin to overshadow me, in Jesus name.
3. Holy Ghost fire, convert my bitter fruits to a sweet one, in Jesus name
4. Every sin in my life that is corrupting my fruits of destiny, be washed away by the blood of Jesus. 5. My Father, give me fresh fruit to restore my womb, in Jesus name
6. My Father, give me fresh fruits to recover whatever I have lost to the serpent, in Jesus name
7. I refuse to eat the fruits of death and afflictions, in Jesus name
8. Anyone assigned to distract me from plucking my fruits of success, die, in Jesus name
9. I shall pluck the right fruit of my marriage, in Jesus name
10. My fruits shall not wither in Jesus name
11. Any satanic farmer planting evil seed in the garden of my destiny, destroy yourself, in Jesus name

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  1. I dreamt of a lemon tree the lemon were very big and green. Under the tree lemon on the ground everywhere, people just surround and was waiting before we know we start picking healthy green fruits from the ground but it was not lemon, some felt in pot holes

  2. Replay me plz
    I saw I was fatching water in a wall.
    Immediately woman appear on sky talking negative then i told her may God disgrace u 3 time . After that i saw on my land full of lemons tress all with reap lemons
    An words appear in white with my name .
    That mwikali know one can stop me from progressing and if then is only me .
    Ur replay me waiting bellow plz.

  3. I dream my lemon trees had big green lemons and I huverstedb one I carried
    Saying thank you jesus.pointing up on my hands.dont know it was so green big.but my lemons trees have yellow colour.pls itrapeat

  4. I got a dream of a snake making hiss noise but I could not see it . I was finding it and it was under my sofa. My younger brother was sitting on the sofa . I told him to get up. I lifted the sofa and i saw a black mamba snake. My grandfather lifted the sofa and found a baby snake and killed it with his leg. but the big snake was in the side of the sofa. Then the big snake went upstairs . My second brother was upstairs and i shouted to him to go!
    Please tell the meaning?


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