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Frequent praying in the dream does not make a believer a prayer warrior, but a way of praying continually without ceasing. (1 Thes 5:16-18). Prayer is one of the most important things a Christian can do. It is a time they are communicating with God and it should be taken very seriously.

We have two levels of prayers. We have Godly prayers and satanic prayers. The Godly prayer is a type of prayer that builds our relationship with God. Satanic prayer is a prayer is done to destroy, steal and kill a man’s destiny (John 10:10). Satanic prayer can come through curses, jinx etc. Do you think you are under the control of demonic prayers? Then use Eph 6:11-12, James 4:7)

While praying in your dream, you need to understand the deep context of the theme. Whether you are praying for someone, praying in tongues or someone praying for you. The truth is, the power of prayer can bring about open doors. If you see yourself praying in dream, should not be seen as a guide that you are call into a prayer ministry, no! God will confirm that too you! As Christians, if we must experience answers to our prayers, we must devote ourselves to prayers by watchful and vigilant of the happenings in spirit realm (Col 4:2).

Praying in church is a good omen. It means your spirit man is alive to receive. It also mean you will encounter your blessing in that church. That church is your mountain. No point going from one place to another. The Lord wants you to confess and repent from your sins there (2 Chro 7:14). If you are praying in church, God is trying to force you into a prayer department. If you say, I am not ready for that. Then you are the devil of yourself. Always attend all the services and pray regularly.

In some cases, shouting while praying may not be necessary. The Bible says, God is a spirit, and we must worship in truth and in spirit (John 4:24). On the other hand, if someone is praying for you especially your pastor, the spirit of God is saying you should believe on the grace of your prophet and that you will prosper and succeed in all your plans (2 Chro 20:20). The great thing about praying in your dream is a way of encouraging you to keep building more close relationship with God. A dreaming about praying tells you be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer (Rom 12:12).

Prayer is connected to faith, hope and testimony (Heb 11:6). It is totally a hunger strike when taking fasting without prayer. The Holy Spirit wants us to back up our fasting with prayers for deliverance and healing to take place more effectively (Isa 58:5). Perhaps you notice your prayer life is almost zero. You notice that things don’t change due to the force of your prayers. You went to different churches for healing, it seems you are losing faith in prayers. The good news is, call unto to God in faith and holiness and you shall see him coming fully to intervene in your matter (Heb 12:14).


1. Anointing of the false prophet upon my head, dry up, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every negative prophesies upon my life and destiny, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
3. Any power that want to use my glory to beautify their ministry, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
4. Powers that want to steal my glory because I am in the wrong church, die, in the name of Jesus.
5. My Father, I release myself from the collective captivity of witchcraft, in the name of Jesus.
6. O God arise and send me my prophets, in the name of Jesus.
7. Spirit of prayerlessness, I am not your candidate, die, in Jesus name..

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  1. From the barley harvest to the salvation of human kind through the great grandson of Boaz, May His be Glorified. For spiritual healing, teaching and meditation of God, Visit us. God Bless you in Advance

  2. Praise Lord last night my dream shows i was in toilet it was many rooms i entered without shoes i seen sandal in toilet i taken it and i started to call blood of Jesus by shouting and then i went out i didint knows the meaning of the dream help me man of God

  3. Monetary Tithing is a false doctrine that started in 777 AD………………
    Is tithing under grace? No
    Is tithing for Christians? No
    Is God's tithe monetary? No
    Pastors, are they Levites? No
    Did the Gentiles pay tithe? No
    Is church the biblical storehouse? No
    Should tithe be eaten outside Israel? No
    Tithing, was it meant to pay church bills? No
    Did God command non Israelites to pay tithe? No
    Should tithe come from outside the land of Israel? No
    Did the Levites had an inheritance in the land of Israel? No

  4. Man of God I use to work in a company outside my country and we have be accommodated with two people's per room and some time I use to dream strange people coming to attack me I usually finding my shelf calling Jesus Jesus and my roommate use to woke me when am still screaming Jesus Jesus plz pray for me

  5. I dreamt today that i was in the alter lying down praying as soon as i had finished it, i saw my pastor then i sat down with her and she told me go and test your blood what does this dream mean

  6. Please pray for I have been dreaming when I'm in back to the village primary school everyday it's now almost every day and the dream come everyday, I pray all the time I dream but never go away.

  7. Man of
    God. What does it mean if I am dreaming of what I am actually doing? The other night I was dreaming of lying down on my bed in the middle of the night with my wife and that is exactly what I was doing. Everything about the dream was not a dream. I felt like I was in spirit. Then in that dream I looked up and was able to see a wicked man (or spirit) flying above my house. In the dream I was able to see through the roof of the bedroom in order to see the thing flying above. He/it looked like it was on route to a very particular destination. Then suddenly I screamed out a utterances in tongues (both in dream and reality) towards him and rebuked him my hand 🖐 which woke me up. As I woke up I knew that I was not dreaming but in fact i was in spirit. I cannot say what happened to the spirit flying above because I was no longer in spirit asleep. But if i was in spirit (the dream) I believe I would have seen the evil creature/spirit fall from the sky 🌌. The reflex and my right arm 🤚 rebuking the spirit injured my wife’s neck because I always lie down with my arms around her. The devil is a liar and Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords! 🙌🏿 Have a beautiful day ❤️

  8. Sir I always desired to be prayerful physically and study the Bible.but I can't pray on my own, I usually see myself pray in the dream sometimes if am in a situation in the dream what can I do. I have so many things to pray for

  9. Thank you Jesus 😇😥 last night one of pastor couple hold up my hand nd praying for my then I feel warm nd connected with God , once I hold down my hand then again the pastor lift up my hand nd committing my life to Jesus , nd we have done proper Amen, while praying I feel for the cross

  10. I dream I was kicked out of my own house by my ex mother inlaw and I went to the grass outside with no where to go with my new baby and I looked up to the sky and said I'm tired of this God please help me…


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