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Psalm 107:23
They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;

I am Evangelist Joshua, a Biblical Dream Interpreter. Many years ago, my first experience in the ship and boat were awesome. While in the boat, I cannot withstand the fear, and the imbalances. It was a wonderful journey.

A ship is a large structure that travels a very far distance and journey. If you dream about a ship means that it is in your power to make a long trip. Ship or boats in dream determines the focus on a journey in life. In the Biblical ways, it symbolizes ministry, faith, salvation and support. If you are in a ship shipwreck, it means division, setback, and failure in career. If you are in a ship and you encounter stormy waters, this shows that things are going to be difficult and if you continue to believe in God, that situation will resolved. If you are a pastor and you see yourself being in a ship or boat, means you will soon receive support for ministerial growth and expansion. If the ship or boats capsize, that means God is not supporting your present goals. If you see a ship or boat on a calm water means the storm is over.

The ship or boat in your dream can also represent the need to carryout certain project through teamwork and supporting one and another. The goals and power of your faith can also manifest in the areas of boat or ship in your dream. To see a ship sinking in your dream means your plans are failing. If you are travelling on a ship, it means you are on the right track of your destiny. If it is a boat you are travelling on, it means you are not fully established in life. Although, if you keep on doing the right things, the yoke of limitation will be broken away from your life, in the name of Jesus.

A. Two ships/boats in dream means divine supports, and happiness. It also means you need to be focus and dedicated to your life’s goals. Say no to distraction!
B. Meeting new friends in ship means new opportunities and ideas.

If you are in a ship and you say a goodbye, it means you are travelling oversea. If you see a boat or ship on a land, means you are shifting away from your goals, a way God has to push there by force.. A large ship means a big ministry, a life of a leader imparting lives. If you see water flooding into the boat or ship, it means a spiritual attack. It can also denotes as sickness, loss of focus and happiness. To your amazement, God can use ship dream to prepare for a great task ahead. If you are having fear of boat or ship, recurring dream about this mode of transportation is either to warns you to prepare for a big obstacle or to comfort your soul. Check other dream of ship in the video.


1. O God arise and save my ministry or career from dying, in Jesus name.
2. I receive the power of faith to keep pressing forward in life, in Jesus name.
3. Every of my life’s mission hindered as a result of my sin, Oh mercy of God intervene.
4. I reject and command arrow of prayerlessness to come out of me, in the name of Jesus.
5. O Lord, show me the way to profit my labour, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every worry, anxiety and noise going on within me be still in Jesus name.
7. I receive grace to seek first my Creator, the source of my strength when it is early, in Jesus name.
8. O Lord, separate me by fire from any friend, family member, assigned to waste my youthful days.
9. O Lord, deliver me from any wrong habit that is draining my Spiritual strength, in Jesus name.
10. Let the power of faith to calm storms, fall upon me now, in the name of Jesus.
11. I pull down the stronghold of sin upon my life in the name of Jesus
12. Any form of obstacles on the path of my destiny, clear away now, in Jesus name.
13. Let there be calmness in every battle I am facing, in the name of Jesus.
14. Thou power that troubled the Egyptians, trouble my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
15. O God arise and do a new thing in my life and ministry in Jesus name.
16.O God arise and let new things spring forth in my life and ministry in Jesus name.
17. Oh God arise and fill me with your spirit of knowledge in Jesus name.
18. My father and my God, bring all my prayers to pass at the right time in Jesus name.
19. Lord, as I make spiritual journey towards my life, Oh my life’s investment do not scatter.
20. Any form of fear that does not want me to look beyond my problems, die, in Jesus name.
21. The boat of my life shall not crash to the sea, in the name of Jesus.
22. O Lord, I am ready to go back to my old time ministry, grant me the grace, O Lord.

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  1. Pastor Joshua is master of dream interpretation. I have learned many things from him by the support of Holy Spirit. My the Lord bless your Youtube ministry but please add new dream interpretations to your wep site too. ( For example text and prayers of this video)
    Pastor, I have seen myself and my ex bf in a ship. (I have been praying for him and for his salvation and deliverance from the magics of his mom. Her mom has a Jezebel spirit and very dangerous woman. 😭) the ship was looking like a war ship( grey) and it was very big. There was a green long coat and black scarf on his neck. He touched on my shoulder and i followed him. He board the ship and after me. Weather was little grey. He climbed up stairs on the ship and looked at me from over there and i waked up… If you help me interpretation of the dream, i would be very thankful. May the Lord bless you ! 🙏🏻💜

  2. Twice i have dreamt about ship/boat, first i was meant to get on board on a ship which had so many people, i had misplaced my ticket but ran as fast as i could to get a ticket for i didnt want to miss the ship, in the process,i couldnt find my bag but i wasnt even bothered about rhe bag missing for i didnt want to miss the ship and yes i got on to it. Next i saw my country president was on the other side and i wanted to hear what he had to say,looked like some campaign period ,i had to use a boat to follow the president and i managed to reach to the dry land where again i had to board a car but found many people who also wantef to go listen to the president .

  3. I just dreamt of a large Naval ship headed out for six months I was telling everyone that I had done this before and it would be okay. I realized I forgot my phone so I high ranking female naval officer dressed in brown came to me and allowed me to get my phone when I got there I realized I left my personal belongings so I grabbed those as well. So glad for this video I needed to know that I was on the right path just going through so much now. Thank you and when I can I will sow into this ministry.

  4. I had a dream a week ago and i was in calm water i could see my feet. And there was a ship coming towards me full of people. From there i saw myself in the sea and splashing water with my hands. I was very happy. And i saw friendly snakes i did not get scared or runaway. What does it mean
    Evangelist Joshua? And thank you so much for spreading the word of God

  5. I just woke up from my nap. And here is my dream what are the odds. (Ship)
    I was hanging out with my friend Toni. She's a lot younger than I. As we hang out she told me she's going back to college and that she would see me when she gets back. I paid no mind because she goes to North Point. But it was a lady in the dream and toni and the lady said when you hear the sound tomorrow It's me leaving. I saw the ship but I wasn't aware Toni was going over seas it was a regular white and blue ship I dont record seeing the water. But the next day I heard the ship horn. And that's when it hit me Toni was gone to College. But I was so sad its like I had to convince my self that shes going to be fine. I wonder is the dream for her or me or both?

  6. I had a dream I was on a ship and I was at the front holding on to the pole thing and the water was green then the ship went upside down but it kept going and I all I could do was hold on to the pole….. it was l terrifying 😭


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