Are you aware of the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams? If yes, then you should read this one out. There are things that you should know immediately.
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  1. I was in a trailer with 3 doors and outside were 2 people praying in a hole full of dirty water…there was a snake talking outside and it would make a trail of blue liquid and if you touched it it would hurt you. A dog in the house was running around and I tried not to make it run around but I went outside with the snake but the dog escaped and i stayed from were the snake was at. I looked for a tool to kill the snake, and the snake started to talk to me. I found a gardening tool like scissors and I cut it first in its neck but I had already seen that it was cut in half and that it still had a long way to go to die. I then cut its mouth and then its inside of the mouth and then its top part of the mouth near the eyes and it started speaking to me about God and how some Roman wasnt saved, and I heard 29:11 and how God was a liar. I then gave up on cutting it and ran inside, the snake followed and turned into chuckie, it kept saying 29:11 and how God is a liar, and I shut the first door, then the next door because it didnt reach me but the third door, got stuck and it didnt close right so we were both in the hallway arguing, I told it "you are nothing just of the past and forgotten, you are a liar and the father of it" so since we were inside I had forgotten the scissors and I grabbed a broom and started shoving it in its face and I kept repeating what I said, until it got sad and mad and left!🙏🏼❤
    Ok now this is when I'm awake, kinda shook and afraid but I got up and searched up any bible verse with 29:11 and what came up was Jeremiah 29:11 about for I know I have the plans I have for you stuff, and I immediately realised that it was out of context, if you read before and how you define "prosper" as rich but I define it as even in the bad to be strong and COURAGOUS! And from that I thought to myself maybe the enemy wants to scare me from the fact that supposedly God doesnt want to hurt anyone, but He does want people to truly follow Him and take up there cross because there will be tribulation after tribulation and test after test, and took keep his word in our hearts. Revelation 3:10

    Pictures of scissors:

    And chuckie:

  2. Recently, I knew that I was dreaming,but I cannot control what was happening (like any normal dream)…it felt so real…. the only things that I remember was I was on our living room and was about to go to a hallway to go to our dinner table… when I opened the door to the hallway, there was 2 little snakes on the ground,I looked into the left and there was a huge snake,(as huge as a normal snake that can swallow a whole dog…) it definitely felt my presence so it went to the edge underneath of a table swiftly, and I reacted so fast that I was able to close the door before it can enter….. I was shaking wishing the dream to end… then I found myself talking to my dad that there was a huge snake "over there…" and my brother overheard and followed dad… I panicked and didn't get to tell that it was at the door…. I was behind following them…. and when the door opened,the snake slip through the crack of the door that attaches the door to the wall… I panicked and tried to catch up with my brother and it was too fast then it bit my foot, it released quite an amount of venom that I fell and got dragged at the back of our little bar area…… I was just on the floor really numb..especially where the bite was…. and I remember….thinking to myself before I passed out…"is this really a dream…..well…this is where I die huh…. then everything went black then I woke up in th same position I was on in my dream and I felt a little tingly on the part of my foot that was bitten…… THEN YEA, I WAS SCARED ASHELL…..

  3. Please interpret.. I have a dream im walking to tje rice field then suddenly i saw a snake because of my fear, i turned back and walk away but then on my way i saw again a snake that tries to catch me then i run as fast as i can

  4. pls help me the snakes are bowing to me worshipping calling me antichrist the king and gave me a throne the 2nd time is me running from the fate and them following me just worshipping me and calling me to the throne and waiting for me to ascend it…… Im being real pls helpppp meeee

  5. Dreamt about big snake in home. Honestly I have a wife that I’ve been associated with for 50 years. She has never been trustworthy but she stays and I would want her to. Her interest in other men since dating has been a source of a kind of torment and within the last 5 years I have been very active in telling her who she really is with endless resistance and denial to the core from her. I’m not sure I love her or can love her for that matter. That took a lot out of me to say that. However I have made this association the absolute value in my life since I’m 15 years old. I think I’ve exhausted everything I want to say but there is of course much more. It could have been a good relationship but I can’t relate to the behavior. She really thinks she is a good person. Yet there is healthy room for doubt. I know this if I had known that she was who she has proven to be I would have fathered be alone. Even though I think I’m lying because I don’t even like most women I have had association with to the point that I can even imagine being with them. I feel like I should have been Adam and asked God not to put anyone here with me.

  6. i dreamt that there was plenty of snakes surrounding me and was trying to bite me but I cut their necks and put them in a cage…

  7. I had a dream two nights ago where I saw three snakes. In the dream my family and I were on vacation or something and I saw a white cobra and a red cobra. I saw them separately in different parts of the dream. I ran from them. I don't like snakes. There was another cobra and it was all black and it's head was Huge. I remember it hissing very loud and I can't remember if it tried to hurt us. Toward the end of my dream, my dad had a small pistol and was hesitant where to shoot the snake. I told him to kill it but he just held the gun up to the snake and didn't pull the trigger. I took the gun from him and said I would kill it, and I pulled the trigger in the snake's face and out came mace then I woke up.

  8. I had a dream that I was in a jungle and was surrounded by snakes, they were all watching me while hissing then one snake launched at me and tried to bite me but I caught it


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