At Beersheba were the 27th Division and Battalions from the 16th and 24th Divisions, supported by artillery. The enemy’s defence extended from Tel El Saba on the eastern flank. Two lines of trenches were dug into the cliff face of the Tel. A series of inferior trenches extended along the Wadi; they were not protected by wire. These extended to .a group of detached trenches on the south-west flank. The enemy had good zones of fire. This video featuresa memorial to The Australian Light Horse Brigade which won Beersheba.



  1. Nissim Mossek    thanks Brother ; ) us 'real' Australians in Two World wars lost heavily dying in our Hundreds of Thousands Fighting for others that had been invaded or exterminated. Now in 2020 our little Culture and Nation are nearly gone. No good turn goes without punishment. Lest We Forget

  2. The only war worth Australia fighting is a war against Australia's politicians . Just my opinion .
    Seems to me in days gone by the enemy invasion was from outside the borders .


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