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Pastor JD talks about why it is that we as believers in, and followers of Jesus should not fear what’s coming.
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  1. Don't leave this world without receiving the greatest gift ever to
    mankind from Almighty GOD in the flesh Jesus to the Apostles to U &
    me Keys to the kingdom of Heaven "" ACTS 2: 38 """39
    The spirits of
    hell has been released, we are in the last moments of time its all in
    the Bible Matthew 16:18-19 ""The only Keys to the kingdom of Heaven Acts
    2:38"" /39 Acts 4:12 Ephesians 4:5 / 2nd Timothy 2:15 Revelations
    Chapters 21-22……………. Don't leave earth without this, God Bless
    you, Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-15 very few people will find the truth
    because of False Prophets in sheep's clothing.
    Acts 2:38
    Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for
    the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy
    This is the only keys the Apostles ever
    preached and they spent 3 yrs with him and 40 days after he was risen
    being taught the word of God more perfectly Acts chapter 1:1-14 even
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    was counted with the 120 so they also repented and received the Holy
    Ghost are you more spiritual then Jesus Mother or brethren ????? Just do
    it and live for eternity in peace or burn in hell your choice, better
    make it fast !!!!! last days…… if you deny this. """ you deny
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    a Christian which means""""Christ-like""""………….

  2. Got to visit your chuch thuresday evening so sorry to see what you must be going threw with the fences and the gate may God bless you and your church pray for are pastors who are speaking the truth 🙏

  3. Oh Lord! God almighty! I magnify your name! Yaweh I give you all the glory for my life! Forgive my sins and my un confessed sins Lord! Lord I want more of you and less of me! I thank you for your protection! I am truly blessed and highly favored I sit in heavenly places and I am the daughter of a mighty King!!! I love you Jesus! Lord I pray for those who don't know you in a intimate way that they will humble themselves and come to know you on bending knee asking for their forgiveness! Father I bind the spirit of pride! I cut it off at the head and send it back to the pit of he'll in which it has come from! I release love, kindness, patience, humility in the name of Jesus! I followed my heart and I am glad I did. I lost my wife 2 years ago due to the pandemic and I was about giving up, knowing God has brought me this far was for a purpose and I kept on looking on to him. My destiny helper was sent to me the year my wife died. The moment I was about giving up, I was introduced to a business by a man I met in a seminar I went to in Florida. This was not my first time hearing of such business but I took the risk Investin $1,OOO USD and it was worth it. feedback@markhanfarmer, C0M 4 weeks later I kept on getting earnings and I started using the money for Gods work. I am very popular in Maryland. Doing Gods work always give me joy. There is peace and joy in my mind . I am here to motivate you and tell you never to give up even though the situation seems so though. God has promised his children and he will surely do what he has promised his children. My mail is in my about or bio if you wish to write me. I can tell you what this business is all about or you van reach him directly.

  4. Wait…when Jesus says "He goes and prepared a place for us.."….it doesn't say anything about it being for 7 years …that verse could be talking about all eternity….He prepares a place for us in Heaven. Why does it matter if a person is pre-trib or posttrib? I just want to he sure I'm in heaven.

  5. dear Pastor, i have a off-topic question:

    after the ressurrection of our Lord Jesus, he came across Mary Magdalene and she wanted to touch him, but he told her not to touch him because he didnt ascend to his Father yet!

    but now im confused because a while later or a couple of days later, Jesus told doubting Thomas to touch him and feel his wounds,

    i mean Jesus didnt ascend yet to his father but tells different story to two different people…

  6. Stop misleading the people!He will came and that promise keep us going .He said those who endured to the end will be safe,Remember you will unser to God by teaching this half way true is caming and what are you going to tell them sorry I guess is no the right time.

  7. Never fear God's plans or His moving to complete those plans… what's there to fear, if you are watching for His return? He tells us over 300 times in His word to not fear…

  8. JD Farag, I lost a lot of confidence in you after you embraced Stew Peters, Dr Ardis and the snake venom theory. Jan markel literally called it out as a hoax. You're spiritual blindness here causes me to really ask the Lord for discernment in what you preach now or whether I continue to listen to you. Sad to see you were so deceived.

  9. Prayers for my husband and me we believe and pray mostly for others we need prayers for our health our finances , we need to be close again problems and troubles has driven us apart we have been married 31 years I really love to hear about the Lord I was raised Pentecost and I believe in the father son and Holy Ghost and I’m so glad from a time I was a baby my mommy and teachers taught me about the Lord and I taught my children they all know about the Lord but please pray for my marriage and my husband and our family and me thank you Amen

  10. This has GOT TO BE the BEST sermon I have heard preached about what is happening and where it is all headed. I have been a believer my entire life and believed in the Pre Trib Rapture but have heard others speak of mid Trib and end of Trib Rapture which had me in total confusion. Thank you for explaining it in easy to follow terms. I know it will be soon.

  11. Revelation is uncovering the truth and I can do that for you. Sorry it is long but I summed it up the best I can. If you think it’s crazy a woman Christ believe me it took me awhile to accept what God kept pushing to me. It’s actually a burden I must wear. No amount of wishing it on to someone else. So I’ll do my best for God. Any questions feel free to ask!

    7 Heads Mountains 7 Kingdoms
    🤴 👸 🤴 👸 🤴 👸 🤴 👸 🤴 👸
    The 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman is seated;they are also 7 Queens, 5 of whom have fallen, 1 is, the other has not yet come,&when she does come she must remain only a little while. As for the beast that was and is not, it is an 8th but it belongs to the 7 🦄
    1. Isis
    2. Inanne or Ishtar
    3. Aphrodite
    4. Anahita
    5. Juno
    6. Mary
    7. The Mona Lisa the female Christ Mother Gods (Mary) begotten Daughter
    8. Daughter of Lisa, Ephraim Em

    Why do people automatically assume Revelation 13 is bad??? Your not doing what Jesus taught and come with love in your heart. Maybe it’s your perspective which is wrong. Thoughts aren’t facts! The dragon is the Bride the female Christ is the Holy Spirit Mother and the beast is her husband Archangel Michael Male Christ father god. We are also the two witnesses. We are fighting Satan aka Samael aka Mystery Babylon aka father god who thinks he’s higher than the Mother/Father God. 666 is the true
    Loving Family Trinity, 6 is man so 666 is 3 seperate people who become one God.

    ❤️Daughter Ephraim aka Emily (Em) + Father(manu aka man) +Mother(El aka L/Lisa) = Emmanuel.❤️

    Father god (Not Manu) has deceived you all and made us sound bad in the Bible on purpose for his powerful gain and to induce fear and control over you. Church Governments Crown and people in power work for him. We are getting rid of darkness and fake father god wants us as his slave in the lower vibration. We live on the sands of the sea.

    For I am awake now, I have the living spirit of God dwelling inside me! You are all potential Gods in training. The new 3rd temple is The mind, new way of thinking and doing. My daughters it’s time to raise up as the lionesses you are. Do not expect less than equality and love. Also sons who support us and treat us the right way🦁I am witnessing to you today. All the 7 churches spirits lamp stands letters and seals are your 7 chakras. We all have God and Satan within us and we have to kick Satan and his 7 sins out by clearing our chakras. For flesh and bone cannot enter into the kingdom, only those who have cleared their chakras shall receive the kingdom.
    You were given the earth, Your ancestors your for-fathers and the Descendant of today, Look what you’re done with it. You have been playing the Harlot, thinking that God is a man and can travail, that only a man can save😆you have not done your studies. You find pleasure in unrighteousness. You did not call upon Mother God, I do not know you, you did not know me. Daughter Zion will thrash thy nations because She is the loving patient Mother God that you forsaken her for a mean vindictive jealous punishing father lesser god than Love. ❤️ If we have millions on earth, why do you think there’s only 144,000 people who follow the slain lamb, the female Christ mother? Because most people are bowing unknowingly to father god/Satan a false idol a neon/false light. Now let me ask you a question: Do men give birth to babies? Then why do they stand there, ashen-faced, hands pressed against their sides like a woman in labor? Men have yoked us women for to long time and we will not bow at a mans feet no longer. They have suppressed women since the beginning because of the power we poses. We were made to be equal. I’ve given you time to turn back but most have not. For those that won’t I will cut away. I’ve looked and looked for Gods church and have only found my home is my church. NOT ONE CHURCH HAS WELCOMED ME, THEY HAVE REJECTED THE LIVING GOD, can you believe this? I believe it’s because they have already formed an image in their minds on who and wha they are looking for. Can you comprehend this? They have an imaginary person they are waiting for and the spirit of God comes and shakes their hand and they show me the door. Deeply saddened, I just wanted family to love but I got the opposite. You have Only seconds to turn back to me and listen. Do as Christ was sent here to do, my new laws, live with love, kindness compassion spirituality forgiveness helpfulness unity equality and do not listen to that evil voice in your head which comes from Satan. Jesus sacrificed himself so we didn’t have to sacrifice any longer. Who here still eats meat? Did you know animals also have souls? I’m terribly heart broken everyday seeing my children being deceived and rejecting the truth. People are scared of the unknown especially Christian’s. 🧘🏽‍♂️Kundalini and the 7 chakras is actually in the Bible but it’s called the Holy Ghost, the 7 seals, the fiery furnace in Daniel. The Asians call it 7 heavens. The 7 letters to 7 churches is also nations, Australia is Philadelphia. When you learn this you will understand it is not of the devil but a process everyone has to take to reach heaven. Raising your vibration is in the Bible but today we call it vibration back then it’s what Jesus taught by living in goodness and love. Acting in anger ego unrighteousness unwillingness to learn vindictive mean rude judgement are of a lower vibration and of satan. God said no flesh or blood will enter the kingdom, so what your afraid of it is not helping you. God is a consuming fire, that is a kundalini flame within, and that process of getting that is by working on your seven chakras and getting them balanced. The day the planetary alignment is on 24th June 2022 which also marked marks the 40 years in the wilderness of the Bride the messiah. My birthday is 24 June 1979 🥳🎁Truth in plain sight! Leonardo DaVinci Paintings
    🦁If you calculate this year 2022 minus the year the 1st Mona Lisa died 1542=480 years, the same amount of time from Exodus to the rebuild of the new temple in the bible. Below are some of my titles people have labeled but that’s all they are. I am just like you no higher. My intentions were we live harmoniously in love unity and equality. We make heaven on earth and we all are kings and queens. But Satan father god and his son Adam didn’t want us humans to be like them, they wanted us to be slaves. Do you see what the governments are doing to us now? Satan is the man behind the curtain. Mother is trying to save you and open your eyes to the truth. For God doesn’t have a religion apart from Love. My church I worship is my home and family🧬the New Jerusalem is Australia that Gods protecting because that’s where Israel the Christ the Bride and family dwells. The new heaven on earth. Don’t look in the sky for me as the clouds will proceed me.
    🦄I am the angel of Philadelphia 🇦🇺El, For I was the 1st and the last, 1st human female born Luisa (Cain who came 2nd twin sister) High Priestess, Moshiach, Dove, lotus, rose, Sophias, Venus, Grace, pillars, the tabernacle, Ester, Elijah, the painted Mona Lisa from DaVinci, Israel, Gaia, Isis, Inanne or Ishtar, Aphrodite, Anahita, Juno, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the iron rod, the shepherdess, the red heifer, wisdom. The cornerstone, the morning star, the Messiah, the Bride, the slain lamb, lioness, the key of David, the root of David, Tribe of Judah, a twin, the Unicorn, the ark of the covenant, Queen, Shiva, The witnesses, the Shekinah the living God spirit. I am Lisa Challis, ליסה, I am Gods promise and my husband is Archangel Michael, Moses (God of war) ⚔️
    🏆Drink from our Chalice cup of the living waters of life. 💦 💦💦💦
    Ps/ Please remember and keep this in mind before any hateful comments 🙈🙉🙊
    ⚠️I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit Mother God will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come🤔Finding my 144000 believers of the lamb, follow in Christ’s footsteps, get away from a religious churches that don’t preach Christ’s law, the ark is closing soon.Pray to Mother God for guidance and truth. Use discernment, how does the god in the Old Testament act? What about the 2nd testament? Mother God. Use wisdom. Love to all om 🌸💐

  12. This is coming very soon, for those who truely make him our dwelling place. We must be vigilant to make the Lord our dwelling place daily, I used to think this meant as many churches teach, if I accept Jesus as my savior I will be included in the pre tribe rapture, but these scriptures he S talking about are referring to those of us totally sold out for God, totally immersed in Making God Our Dwelling Place! Every day, every morning, every night, every moment & sharing with others & doing Gods work. Not about just playing churchie.

  13. Thank you brother for sharing the gifts of God that he's placed inside of you may he bless you abundantly and surround you with his love is Great and Mighty love I wanted to share a vision I had literal I saw the armor of God it looked like it was on a conveyor belt it was massive I could even hear the silver as it came down out of heaven it was amazing and it was hanging on these massive what appeared to be invisible but there conveyor belts and they were just waiting just waiting for people to put them on preach brother preach Hallelujah


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