Although I thought I might get to Genesis II in this third lecture, and begin talking about Adam & Eve, it didn’t turn out that way. There was more to be said about the idea of God as creator (with the Word as the process underlying the act of creation). I didn’t mind, because it is very important to get God and the Creation of the Universe right before moving on 🙂 .

In this lecture, I tried to outline something like this: for anything to be, there has to be a substrate (call it a potential) from which it emerges, a structure that provides the possibility of imposing order on that substrate, and the act of ordering, itself. So the first is something like the precosmogonic chaos (implicitly feminine); the second, God the Father; the third, what the Christian West has portrayed as the Son (the Word of Truth).

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  1. …. to be stable enough, engaged enough, so not only are you doing what you should be doing, you're doing it in a way that increases the probability that you'll do it better tomorrow…

  2. This great man and his great perspectives have forever changed the world.
    He has laid out the method for understanding all our misunderstandings in the world

  3. Not certain this acceptibly allows our last 20 years of epstein gates connected presidential candidates rape and murder (children). See Israel Ghislaine Maxwell attest to ALL men she had rape exploited 💰 children as international blackmail 💰.

  4. Metaphysical Hierarchy:
    Mystic… beautiful dreaming
    Musical…language of music
    Artistic… pictures/metaphors
    Poetic…language of words
    Numerical…we are here

    Mystics create the most joy. (smart)
    Accountants create the least joy. (not smart).

    We need to ascend a few notches.

    The clever coyote (greed/hate) is always trying to catch the roadrunner (truth/love). But never does. Because something that is not real (absence of love) can never catch that which is real (love).

    That coyote is a crazy clown…

  5. " There's no sence rushing this ". Thats the thing. Few take the time to investigate as most think, especially atheist , that reading a book that has been edited to cause confusion is all it takes.

  6. 1st serie was astonishing, second meh, this wooow how bad, like almost every single point that he sees 'no argue about' i see like 10 on every. And he speak about that 1 'no argue point' like for 10-20 mins? ;D jeez at least say something new dude, not repeat yourself for all that time, and after that fallows second, and third maybe not for 10 mins but like so so wrong but taked for granted.

  7. After much thought about it, I think that, with respect to the hierarchy of Peterson's meaning, so to speak; it is not necessarily acceptable for me; i.e. to sit in his class each day expecting and heeding no call to do the homework. Peterson has delivered a very respectable reading list to me, most of which is not on my list of priors. I am grateful for the way that Peterson has revealed to me anew and in a much truer light, showing me that my hitherto assumption that the words, "ignorance is defined as contempt prior to investigation" were something that I had fully recognized, was incorrect. Thank you for revealing your "Jungian" (?) shadow in the discussion. It is the first time I have been disarmed with a smile in a long time, but if so, it was, I concede, some what necessary. You're a damn good teacher buddy! Farewell.

  8. In general, in consequence of the fact that every kind

    of data for individual manifestation have already quite

    ceased to be crystallized in most of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, particularly the contemporary ones, and they manifest themselves only according to the dictates of the consequences of the properties of the

    organ Kundabuffer, they therefore do not like to occupy

    themselves with such affairs which are within their Reason and within their power, but occupy themselves always

    with decisions of such questions which are incomparably

    higher than their Reason.

    “Thanks to this ‘feature’ of their strange psyche, one

    other peculiar and in the highest degree strange ‘psychic-organic need’ had been formed in them during the last

    twenty centuries.

    “The chief manifestation of just this psychic-organic

    need of theirs consists in this, that each of them must always of necessity as they say ‘teach others sense,’ or ‘put

    them on the right road.’

  9. 1:30:00 the RULE or LAW is the written revelation of the established actions or obedience of the pattern that WORKS.
    1:39:00 there are rules and if we break them, GOD HELP YOU. We will pay a price for twisting the fabric of reality.
    Wow. Worth the effort to listen and THINK!


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