1. i will admit, even though im not a christian anymore, this video was quite inspiring. with all my bad experiences i sometimes forget that there is still positivity in religion, so thanks for that 🙂

  2. God is always with you every time but not for me So what is the story my dad and my mum They had a fight Then my father left me with my mother Then my mother said let's celebrate your dad is now goneThe rest of my family has a perfect connection with my dad We always play together we watch some goldfish Then what you're just gonna leave me heref😭

  3. So, yesterday I learned one of term papers was due today(the 10th) instead of the 20th of this month. I hadn't even touched it yet and I was frantically trying to scrape something together, then I show up for class to take a test and am informed it is now due tomorrow (the 11th). I know God'll get me through this kicking and screaming if he must. Already got 1 out of 2.5 pages done on the paper, so please keep me in yall's prayers to keep this strength up.

    Update: Thank you for your prayers. I was able to eek it out on time.


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