Originally Aired on March 31, 2015

THE LARGEST MYTHICAL BEAST that supposedly roams the various mountainous areas across the world, yet remains elusive to many researchers, especially digital cameras, is the enigmatic Bigfoot! But with so many eyewitness accounts, and anecdotes reporting encounters with the hairy beast, it causes one to wonder whether or not they actually exist. To us, the question is, if the Bigfoot does exist, what sorts of implications does it have to the Bible believing Christian?

To discuss the Bigfoot phenomenon, we invited Tommy Poland to Canary Cry Radio. Tommy is a bi-vocational associate pastor for a church plant in Trinity, North Carolina (CenterPointe Community Church), a US Army Veteran from 1990-1993, and an IT professional for over 20 years. He is also an investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization since 2005, and has investigated over 50 local Bigfoot sightings in North and South Carolina. Tommy joins us to discuss his experience as a researcher of all things Bigfoot, and provides thought provoking evidence of scientific value to weigh against our skeptical biases. The uniqueness of Tommy’s perspective as a Christian doing this research, lead him to conclude that perhaps these elusive creatures are a remnant of the Nephilim of biblical lore.



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  1. Most sounds claimed to be BF are from THE RED FOX. With a science background I can tell you that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ANGEL DNA! And I do believe there may be a creature such as BF BUT most info including this channel interview gives FALSE INFORMATION

  2. The Scream I heard wasn't quite like the sounds you guys made in the video, it was very gritty, and deep. (Demonic) almost. I also wonder if they have a spoken language of some sort? The thing I heard almost sounded like it was yelling with words… strange.

  3. This is fascinating, and slightly worrisome for me. I'm an avid hunter, and I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Last year during bow hunting season I heard a strange knocking on the trees about 150 yrds. or so away from my tree blind (Note; it is very dense forest where I hunt so I couldn't see anything.) I thought it may be a woodpecker, but the knocks were slow and inconsistent with that of a woodpeckers. They were also much louder. After about 10 minutes or so the knocking stopped, I was alert, but not too worried about it. As it was getting darker, (around 6:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m.) The trees in the area I heard the knocking from before began to shake violently, (they were pretty big birch trees, so this was a big creature.) This went on for about 30 sec. followed by a loud growl/moan/scream, and then it just stopped. I'm a deep Christian, so I have an interesting question to propose; "Do the majority of eyewitness accounts come from Christians?" If these are Nephilim it would make sense to me that they would hate us or be drawn to us. Any info would be appreciated if it could be given to me. P.S. I DON'T want to see this thing! Please pray that I don't come in contact with it! There are stories from the Pinout Indians of these things eating humans, I don't want to be demon supper! lol.


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