287: Flippy swab through hole, BLM activist arrested, TIME magazine exposed, Q as modern Cointelpro? AI to tell party faces, Dominion letter, 33 update, Australia to kill Oregonian pigeon, CRISPR in sports, Wexner sued, Black Vault encounter, Bill Gates biggest farm owner, Bill Gates wants to buy UK private jet company, Moderna CEO says “coronavirus forever,” Microsoft/Oracle push for vax ID, rona demands “genetic surveillance,” new study proves lockdowns did nothing, Huawei used AI to ID Uighur’s, NASA admits China ties. #AI #BillGates #Surveillance

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  1. Always LOVE the show, but it's Ally's art, that makes my day! ❤No offence to any other artist producers! I think you're all wonderful. But myself and my daughter have a soft spot, for Ally's amazing pencil prowess! 😊🙏🇬🇧


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