Our conversation with Tim Alberino about his new book BIRTHRIGHT: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth! #Posthuman #TimAlberino #Birthright



  1. Was glad to see Timothy back on with yall. I miss him having his own YouTube channel. He had such good videos. Thanks for keeping CCR going even with the full schedule of CCNT. It's always been my go to while I'm working.

  2. No, Jesus got it from the Father not David. Your thinking tries to limit God, “nothing is impossible with God”, and usually the easiest explanation is the correct one. I have seen angels and they can pretty much transform into whatever they want to. I’ve seen angels with wings and some with the legs of calves, and they can look like humans yes, but you don’t know how wrong you are to think that all the other stuff about angels is only “symbolic”. I can tell you from experience that angels can take many forms. The wisdom of man is foolishness to God.

  3. I’m an ex Mormon and there were no Mormon vibes. (After 2:15:00 this comes up) They believe that the heavenly hosts are all the humans and literal brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God and those who followed satan are the demons now. Adam was the angel Michael and he created the earth, then had his memory wiped and made into a man. So we were all spirit children in heaven before birth (again only in Mormonism). So all the fallen angels as we understand them, are our spirit siblings as is Satan and Christ according to Mormons. Mormons think God literally made it with Mary and Christ is genetically half Mary, half God (incestual by that line of thinking). Jesus was likely married since that’s one of their requirements to continue progression after this life. Also that God has a literal body of flesh and was once a man who through good works, was exalted to a God like infinite others before him and will after (including Mormon men who progress eternally and have celestial sex 50 billion times with dozens of wives to populate their own planet). Moronism is a very weird conglomerate of Islam, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah’s witness, Scientology, Judaism, and most of all, freemasonry (that all comes into play in the copies temple rituals). But they sell it as a loving families are forever, gain blessings through obedience to God, Jesus is our awesome older brother and church plus temple works to gain entrance to the top heaven (there are 3) but it’s really turning the gospel into a manure pile of pretty lies.

  4. one thing to consider is the possibility that this, or some future injection could actually have some kind of massive and very noticeable benefit. for example, it could be 5 to 10 years before anything diabolical is slipped into injections, but between now and then we could see positive side effects such as a cure for baldness, a cure for obesity, a cure for cancer, or even the retardation of aging itself. we need to have our ducks in a row about this and your show should beat them to the punch by outlining these very real possibilities. once these positive benefits appear it will be nearly impossible to argue against injections. the time to make a case is now, before the funny business begins. we all know they probably have a cure for male pattern baldness already. they probably have a cure for obesity and diabetes too. i'm not so sure the fallen angels' agenda at this stage is to kill humans (at least not in the near term). much more than this, they want to destroy your ability to be redeemed. so they will give you all kinds of gifts in this life, including injections with extremely positive side effects

  5. AND this " likeness of God: is being dehumanized by these masks ON PURPOSE besides the " obvious". It is a jab to the very image of God on/in us. Part of the dehumanizattion of mankind toward the serf-feudal/ masters last days elitist dream plan

  6. Kudos to the deep thinkers..the screaming and yelling Reid's me of Scribes and Pharisees, who had it " all figured out" and withstood everything Jesus proclaimed because it ROCKED their world, their thinking and neat & tidy themes. Anen!

  7. great show…see the playlist from my channel for my hypothesis of Gen 1 and 2.never before heard anywhere.. also for the queen heaven and love at first sight..I just love thinking outside of the box and the religious paradigm!


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