Wednesday Bible Study
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  1. An evil spirit can operate in a believer when the believer does not submit to the Holy Ghost. The believer must crucify their flesh every day and know that they cannot work outside of the Spirit of God without making mistakes and going in the wrong direction. The believer's mind must be on the things of God at all times, and this is achieved by understanding how dangerous the reason is without the Holy Ghost abiding in the believer's life. The believer must allow God to teach them the discipline of fasting, prayer, reading the word of God, meditating on that which you read, and living within the means of moderation. The believer cannot hang out on the same turf as the enemy and continue to hold onto the memories of their past life. The believer must separate themselves from all appearances of ungodliness. Letting go of who they used to be is one of the most challenging things for the newly converted and those who will not surrender their will to the mighty hand of God. The believer must want God more than life itself, and salvation is less complicated when the believer understands how life without God is death and emptiness.

  2. In my life, I made mistakes and bad choices because I went for what was shiny and gold. Instead of choosing those things, I had to work on getting them the same look as the polished and golden choice. Saved people want something that brings attention to them, those things that make them look more important than they are, but if our plan was God-focused and their minds were in the sense of God, they could make the best decisions for their lives by having a pure mind of God. Believers are too close to the world and too far from the church. Believers must first know the characteristics of the God they serve. The problem is they think God is a genie in the bottle who will give them everything they desire. Believers must get God-centered and not self-centered. The Holy Ghost is the Navigational System to guide true born-again believers to all truth and understanding. Believers must understand Jehovah God is the pilot and the believer is the passenger, and until that clarification is known, believers will continue to make the wrong choices. God sacrificed his Son to help us to understand to gain eternal citizenship into the kingdom of God, the born-again must conform to the image of the Son of God.

  3. Bishop, I have made many mistakes in my πŸ‘€ and I πŸ‘πŸ‘God that He gave me another chance to πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ to his. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ him for coming into my πŸ‘€ and changing me for the better he still πŸ’ΌπŸ’Ό on this ❀l of mine and I thank God everyday cuz I don't know everything and I'm still learning and that's why I'm πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚to you so I can stay on the πŸ‘‰ track with God and let him ⏩ to transform me into 😦 he wants me to be.

  4. I saved my bible study until today. So I would have something to do, and Bishop it was good. Thank you so much I really needed that excellent word. You were awesome. Heavenly Father we thank you for Bishop and wife, and this awesome word you have given him to give to us. Father we love you and we give you all the glory honor and praise, continue to guide and direct our lifes. Bless each and every one according to their needs. Bishop we love you and wife. In Jesus holy and mighty name we pray. Amen Amen Amen

  5. Bishop, I just had to come βͺ and πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚ to this πŸ’¬ again it is amazing and tremendous I just ❀ your teaching and preaching God bless you, Bishop, ⏩ to teach the truth to the whole 🌎 you 🀩admiring

  6. i will destroy every thing this world loves and every kingdom for i have sent the sword of GOD tot he earth's core til I say so. I have commanded it to not move rtil i say so. My bow adn my sword of the book of enoch belongs tome and it is mine to deliver, use at will. Whatsoever God tells me to say to it, I say adn your world almost fell to cobid-19 thinking to get in my way. Let no man deceive you, I sent hurricane katrina at the command of the lord saying, You shall go up against this land a destroy it. You shall not withhold you strenght, but you shall surely go up against this to destroy it. we did that for all of your sakes….you know not the plans of the enemy to wipe you out curse they know you are no saint nor are any of them saved. they though god abandoned us. they should ask that silly woman of mine can i see the future, i have shown her many things. Even saying i knew she would sleep with another man and i have had 3 dreams of this with diffenret men.

  7. I was commanded by God to removes you from this land and take you somewhere safe. Not in California…but a safer place from my sword. But you wouldn't listen an mocked me with arrogance and pride of your haughty spirit. I wasn't gonna have another wife, til the consummation, though I sinned. Surely, it will not happen again an those whose lips you have heard against me, shall join you in the lake of fire. You should have prayed and asked GOD for help. I heard your prayer an I was on my way, though at first I was leaving til Jesus commanded me to come and see you and tell you all HE has shown me. Two shall be grinding in the bed, one shall be taken. You have taught rebellion against the most high God an I knew coming here, my life was on the line. My angle Michael heard and saw every word you said the day I visited you so called man of GOD. What happened to Bishop Eddie Long when I visited his church for the sin? Do you really think I bare not the sword we shall SEE. I AM DAVID and COME TO PREPARE THE CHURCH FOR THE WEDDING OF CHRIST WHICH none of you are ready for HISD return and have deceived many. Against my own will I am come and Christ has commanded me to come to this filthy place to save some to attend the wedding an you have heard devils over your GOID. Has GOD abandoned you that you hear men in stead of HIS holy spirit. Did not my angel protect me this far to gather some for my sons' wedding to be made king to sit on my throne, to take you before a mountain and dest4roay all nations with a sword God shall call for. Against the prince of Tubal and Gog an Megog? None of you are saved but ready to die. I came to stregthen you along with myself. I am tired of doing this by myself. It's not meant for one man to do all the work, but everybody wants my throne an my glory and will not bow down, so be it. All of you will perish with satan and his angels in the lake of fire, if visit you again and you don't help me to save the saints of GOD. Their blood, your blood will be on your own head. Am I not that servant the LORD sent out to bring in the guest to HIS wedding. That I should give HIM my throne before all the people of Israel. Therefore have i called an army against you, even with covid-19 so the church would repent, none repented. I give you al over to your enemies to show you you are not saved. You have to walk in christ to be in Christ and if you sold all an left all given charge over your labor like Joseph, I could have saved you and your whole family an the dogs, But you have shamed me and I bare my shame for the LORDS name. You allowed dogs to come in the holy place an you pastors have gone too far…now you see the wrath of GOD to it's fullness. Give unto God what is HIS and live, if you will not you will surely perish. You are in the way o my blade. When the church was empty, that was the time to get the saints to sell l land give them white robes all that do. Sending them out by two, if killed they're in christ an saved. But no…you're foolishness will cost you your life. They exalt a whore and persecute a prince an a judge of Israel…none of them shall live whom betrayed me even paying men to steal my clothes an persecute me from city to city as they did the saints of old in the new testament. Yes, I need to be with the church for strenght sake. You forbid me to come in to them by your foolish heart. If i had wanted to kill you like a devil, then why did those men not search my bag? But when I came close to you, they surrounded you like some kinda king. You are no king, as you were before an this time it will cost you your name in the book of life. I have no need of a gun or knife, I prophesy. By the spirit of GOD whatever HE tells me to say. Deny me one more time an you shall see all these words fullfilled….I came to fill the wedding of Chris with guests. Why would'nt he ask me to do HIS wedding is not Jesus David's son an Christ God's holy child and only one? The most high GOD. All men give to their sons for their lives an etc. All the other men who came before me saying they this or that hated Christianity, i don't. I know the truth…that's false Christianity that they teach. On the life of my son Jesus Chris and HIS death, i will surely destroy all kingdoms of the earth til HE sit as king. Victory shall come from Zion, that why those monkeys over there don't wastn us to return. They know whats up an they know the truth, why else bother our passports over a vaccine we have no need of. I have Christ. After reading what they did to my son, I have no respect for an israleite nor edomite…all of you shall go to the lake of fire. Im the messenger…and I am heated with the church for the shame they have brought my son. I am, david. No one sold nor are they a christian….

  8. I came by your church to warn you of all the things God had told me to share with you. For one, from your messages…I know of the things you have heard about me. Did you hear, my mother said I wasn't her son. Did you hear how she called my job and got me fired to keep me from moving out in 2004 and spread rumors about me being gay. Did you hear she hid my mail to keep me from moving on with my life and helped to destroy my marriage? Did you hear how my wife abandoned me twice, even after the reconciliation? Did you hear how she lied to me for two years after she slept with another man, years before I fell? Did you hear about how she abandoned me after I came to get my family from her town and how her family betrayed me. Did you hear I bought school clothes for here niece and nephews all those years and they also has nothing good to say about me? Did you hear how they called my wife a fool for loving me? I know there is an evil woman who is a witch and men have received council from her of my grand dad's house who speak nothing but evil and lies about me? Did you hear how she doesn't pay him any rent, while you heard I was stealing money from him. Did anyone bother to ask my grand do I always pay him back. Did you hear them say I borrow the money right back, that's a lie. Did you hear I borrowed some money, but not all of it? Did you hear how I struggle with depression because of the evil church teaching lies about me in their pupits and helped to persuade my ex-wife against me? Did you hear anything good about a man from anybody? No, but you received their testimony and when I visited your church at the command of God to tell you all the truth, you denied me. I came to your face an you said the word Bishop Noel Jones…3 days is too much and your security guards did'nt even checked my bag twice when I came to visit you. Yet, when I approached to talk to you, they treated me like I was some punk or trash. I tell you the truth, you shall surely perish by the sword of the most high God for refusing to hear me so that you may know me. Yes, i use weed to deal with my pain after destroying all of these cities and filling the grave. If you can really hear from GOD you would not have turned me away, I was sent to save you and your whole congregation, now you shall be thrown into the lake of fire with the rest of the unforgiving, judgmental foolish saints who are ain't in God's kingdom. I wanted to do all the work for you so that the people could serve GOD be guests at the wedding of Christ. When you were ready for HIS return. You are now married to sin. none of those people among you shall be saved, but surely perish with thee. You should have waited til the consummation of the earth before taking a wife as I was trying to do. Yet, you've received evil men and would not hear me. I was commanded to tell you, put your wife a side and touch her not against til I have destroyed the earth and sealed the saints, but no. You received them men who are just as foolish as thou are. I could've saved you and your new wife, but now since you've treated me like a fool, you and your wife shall be punished by the living God. You said you are tired, am I not commanded to feed the saints when the earth fails to god. Now you shall eat withered grass and dry ground forever, repent fro if I come to you again…and you deny me, know this…you shall surely perish in the lake of fire for those souls you hold bondage to your satanic foolish doctrine you have received of the enemies of Christ. To this day, I owe my grandad not one dime an you have listened to evil witched and devils to stop me from saving the church and God is hot. I came here risking my life for you Adonijah and you just as you were trying to rule the kingdom without permisson. making yourself king saying King James was a pedophile. Are you kidding me…devils say those words. today i say unto thee, you are not a Bishop of God, but satan. Remove your title an thy throne an sit down into the dust forever. You and your whole house, because you have taught them lies from satan. If I can't be forgiven for the little I have done, having sold all and left all. that man isn't even my real grandad. I met Him 2006 how much more for the evil you have done to them members of yours. Those fe3w sheep.

  9. Thank you Bishop!! I was truly blessed! My mom took her flight on 7/31 and this truly blessed my soul and I’m expecting an awakening in my Spirt- God bless you for standing on the truth which is the word of God and God bless you for speaking the truthπŸ™πŸΎ

  10. Hey there Bishop! Loved the teaching of "The Three Fold Nature of Man" Could you please post a PRINTABLE copy of the diagram ( in this comment section ?) you had on the screen behind you. I want to add it to my bible study binder. God bless you Bishop! You are reaching many people. Keep doing what you do. Amen and thank you Jesus!


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