Wednesday Night Bible Study
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  1. Amen and amen bishop Noel Jones am learning very powerful bible study I really love it God bless you and keep you make his face to shine upon you be gracious to you Lord turn your face towards you and give you peace a-men shalom

  2. I cannot and would not push myself off on nobody else you know I didn't call I didn't tried I'm doing everything I possibly can for 57 years and don't nobody even care about my situation I love everybody and I done all that can do the trash to represent all people all people they got to quit playing the race card

  3. I stand with every word that you say I love everybody I don't hate no one and Bishop you or nobody down here I'm doing whatever I love everybody I love everybody but I'm eating one years old and I mean that's the reason I wanted to talk I want to talk to real people and so that's that's all I can say that's right and I can't do no more Lord I'm ready I'm ready if you don't do nothing else I'm ready I'm ready I done all that I can do all I want to do is what Jesus want me to do

  4. Did Jesus not give us back our dominion here on earth? Adam forfeited that dominion, yet Jesus restored dominion here on earth. We are not a powerless people on this earth.

  5. I have listened to this over and over. You stated that the prophets didn’t get the crucified Christ, yet the prophet Isaiah speaks of it in Isaiah 53. I am not following your interpretation of 1 Peter 1:11. I am praying and asking the Holy Spirit to show this to me. Until I hear from the Holy Spirit, with all do respect, please help me to understand, what it is you are saying. I don’t see it.

  6. This is exactly what I'm talking about I left Waterloo 57 years ago Reverend always Rucker told me he said Son whatever you do take Jesus with you Jesus took me and bought me to this point all the people that I've crossed all these years I'm satisfied I'm ready to go home right now I done what I can with no help from no one on this Earth step the few I thank God for Jesus I thank God for the blood and I know it's done I'm so full I'm about to bust because walk nobody nobody wants to hear I'm praying that you open up your ears pray for understanding so you can understand what Bishop is trying to teach you been there done that had this and had that Earthly thing doesn't mean anything the only thing that means something is Jesus changing direction changing your life that's what Bishop is trying to give to you free and ask you for no money come together like you got some sense

  7. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes there's so many people that's just still fighting for people to grab that people just have been trained and groomed to follow bad things you're absolutely right we must come to Jesus first but this is a spiritual warfare people think of what they have seen in the church and what they are allowed to do in the church and what they allowed to do in the law even all of that it's against the church real people all of it

  8. See all of that again Bishop churches where they just Gathering churches preachers a bad name for the churches of how their actions people bad free creatures and bad people also understand how whoever this is how they messing up these and those words that I put out here to you sir

  9. Spiritual warfare spiritual warfare evil evil it is vital that you pay attention and ask God for understanding of what Bishop is trying to teach us y'all I understand your Bishop don't old concept has made people just plain ignorant ignorant to the fact


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