1. I believe so to the Antichrist will be a black man just connect the dots…look at what is going on with all of the protest black people and even whites will NOT except a white man coming into power ( Antichrist ) but they will accept a black man ( Antichrist ) the ball is shifting it is unfolding before are eyes 2020 people are looking for a leader and not just any man ( a leader to save the world one that has the answer to all the world's problems ) wake up people!

  2. ⚘ God loves his animals ⚘ Christians don’t love God’s animals ? ? ?? ⚘ it is completely anti Biblical, anti Christian that Christians wish harm and terrible stuff to our animal family memebrz ⚘ according to Bible Christians are saints and non Christians are sinners ⚘ Christians are God’s children and non Christians are satan’s children ⚘ satan doesn’t want Saints to live vegan ? satan’s telling Saints to reject vegan diet ? satan is telling Saints in their heads to profoundly dislike veganism ? satan wants Saints to harm, destroy , murder their anima bros and sis by leading a non vegan inhumane lifestyle ? ⚘please Saints repent for the evil you do or love doing or wanna do to our anima family members ⚘ animals are our family memberz ⚘ thanks infinitely , please 🍒 pleaz, go vegan every earth human creature 🍒 stop noshing our animal brethrenz 🍒 pass this to tones of human nehbours pleaz ⚘ it is completely anti Biblical, anti Christian that Christians wish harm and terrible stuff to our animal family memebrz ⚘ repent if you got any evil intentions towards animalz please ⚘ if you’re a saint, please show the good example to follow to the human race our family ⚘ difficult to forgive ⚘ cause these saints aren’t sinners ⚘ they’re saints !!!! ⚘ we aren’t Holy Spirt filled ⚘ they are ! we have no {{{{ awareness [[[[ of things since only a Holy Spirit filled human spirit can be truly aware of stuff ⚘ I mean yeah certain sinners spirits are aware of stuff but stuff like noshing animals it’s unbelievable that saints refuse to stop noshing animalz ⚘ cause they got the Holy Ghost !!!! ⚘ that can give them awareness of evil and good ⚘ cause once a soul becomes a saint, they become less drowned in the devil’s so called ‘reality, his false reality, matrix ⚘ they become more [[[ aware [[[ of good stuff and evil stuff ⚘ like the fact of noshing animals ⚘ so it’s perhaps even worse when a saint noshes animals than when a sinner noshes animals ⚘ cause saints kinda leave but not completely satan’s matrix, fake reality ⚘ but sinners can’t, cause they don’t have the Father God, his Christ and their Spirt in them; so tis so difficult for us vegan sinners to forgive non vegan saints for they totally refuse to become vegan ⚘ cause they’re not Holy Spirit empty but filled ! ⚘ so they know now that they’ve converted to Father and to Christ, what evil means; they know that murdering, taking lives, for any purpose, of for noshing is too evil !!!!! ⚘ they know better, they do ! ….. ⚘ therefore, it’s just so unjust, scandalous, outraging and make us vegans mad at saints for rejecting vegan moral humane empathetic kind respectful compassionate lifestyle ⚘ cause they’re supposed to be less indoctrinated by satan’s cognitive dissonance ⚘ so they’re supposed to care about God’s living creatures, unlike sinners ⚘ nonetheless sit’s clear saints are totally indoctrinated drowning in satan’s cognitive dissonance ⚘ if not, they wouldn’t categorically reject, refuze vegan lifestyle and vegan food, vegan diet; cause once you turn into a saint and you no longer are a sinner, your heart soul spirit feelings towards God’s creatures and your brethren animals, become better , bigger , your heart , soul spirit , subconscious, psyches ect become more humane, much more : moral, good, empathetic , benevolent, kinder , you become brimming with very good feelings towards our neighbors including animalz, you’re become brimming with good will towards all of our neighbors ⚘ therefore why would saints, !!!! God’s kids!!! reject veganizm ? ⚘ its our spirits psyches brain souls hearts, heads, minds, hearts, conscious minds ect backwards , earth backwards! ! world backwards ! ⚘ it don’t make no sense ⚘ it don’t make nay sense and it’s all for these stuff backwards, reality backwards, that sinners be vegans and saints dislike veganism, want nothing to do with it, and don’t wanna live vegan = ?????!!!!! ⚘ for if sinners are able to have tones of good will, good feelings, goodness, mercy , empathy ect towards animals, their brothers and sisters, why cant saints, if sinners don’t have Father Creator God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost in their hearts whereas saints do : !!!!! unbelievable !!!!! ⚘ sinners and saints love it when our neighbors are super duper tremendously excessively extremely evil to animals ?? !! ⚘ sinners and saints enjoy seeing others being cruel to animals, raping them ect ? ⚘ born again followers of Jesus are also indoctrinated with beelzebub’s matrix, false reality, false word , fantasy wrong sick world of our human imaginations, humans who live on planet earth ? cause it’s like humanz = born again followerz of Jesus want to * hide ** the truth, the truth about how we massacre, abuse, murder, destroy animals ⚘ since born again followers of Jesus ** delete * the links, the comments telling humans and born again followers of Jesus to no longer eat animals to reduce the suffering, numbers of mass murders of animals ⚘ law of buying and asking ⚘ you ask for murder = they give you dead animals to grub ⚘ you don’t ask for animals murder no more = they murder torture enslave less animals ⚘ born again saints don’t want anybody to find out the truth about this terrible matter ? ⚘ cause if you put links of horrible slaughterhouse pictures videos, videos pics of how heartless ones martyrize, beat, throw, ect live people = animals, in the places where they live, are raised by these monsters, or in the places were they take them to murder mistreat them again << born again saints delete these ⚘ ?? why ?? is it that born again don’t want other born again to go vegan ? why ? why are their reasons, their purposes behind this deleting of this * truth, true information ** ???? ⚘ Bible says that those who love the truth will come to the truth or something and will ** expose * the darkness of beelzebub, his lies, like his illuminati luciferians who rule the earth and our heads ⚘ beelzebub, his demons and luciferians have created this massacre, genocide, abuse, slavery; or better said satan has created it, possessing humans, inspiring them to make this a worldwide genocide, slavery, abuse; otherwise, this wouldn’t exist ⚘ so born again Christians are on both beelzebub’s side and on Holy Father God’s side=?????!!!! ⚘ it can’t be ⚘ but it has to be the cognitive dissonance indoctrination ⚘ I have no intelligence, no understanding of anything, I’m too dull-witted ⚘ search cognitive dissonance and animals or eating animals on internet and if you’re intelligent unlike me you’ll understand ⚘ are Christians crazy about cruelty towards animals ? are Christians enjoy when humans cause suffering to animals abuze murder animals ? ⚘ Christians love bullfighting, hunting, rooster fighting, dog fighting, animal torture ?? ⚘ there are Christian supposedly “ working’ in slaughterhouses on planet earth ?? ⚘ Christians who mistreat animals in so called ‘farms’ ? ⚘but this isn’t just Christians, this is most of humans on this planet ⚘ for, when non Christians & Christians know that me massacre murder exploit animals, cause them so much suffering, pain < they don’t seem to care that much ⚘ but when we do the same to humans < the whole world is angry, wants to fight, to end it, and is crying for these poor humans; so this is sectarian double standard; prejudice, discrimination, inequality, injustice , unfairness, two weights two measures , wicked ⚘ poo poo, trash, puke, piss, detritus, garbage that fills our heads for we’re drowned in the devil’s false so called ‘ reality’ of our psyches, soul, subconscious minds, hearts, ect ⚘ false reality of our whole non phyizical being ⚘ so this is why since we’re so everything selective, compassion selective, heart selective, mercy, humanity, kindness, good feelings towards other creatures, benevolence, philanthropy, abnegation, goodness, altruizm ect selective, when we learn animals are tortured murdered < we immediately wanna hide it from all of our brethren form the whole humanity, but when humans are tortured murdered < we immediately wanna tell everybody on earth ⚘ double standards ; false world of our sick twisted hearts souls minds , subconscious minds ect ⚘ so if you put a comment with links of evidences of how we kill abuse humans < they don’t delete ⚘ you do the same with animals = they delete ⚘ God ** hates** this injustice into our hearts ⚘ whether it’s be female mal injustice, kids adults babies elders injustice, other races and other races injustice, like brown white aborigines incas blacks injustice, poor loaded humans injustice ⚘ God hates double standards, respect of beings ⚘ like here respect of animals –humanz ⚘ Holy Father of Heaven and earth, who put all these waste excrement into our souls, brains, non physical being , beelzebub , his wicked spirits, and his illuminati freemasons satanists that control the world and our spirits ? ourselves ? society ? according to God’s Word, born again believers in Christ Jesus are suposed to not think, not see things like mankind ⚘ but like anticonformists compared to non – believers in Christ Jesus ⚘ how odd ⚘

  3. Bibles says that there are many antis but Tramp is THE anti, he is the lawless one. Wypipo are satan spawns, history shows this… a history of violence, stealin, kilin, and destruction. But once again yall evil racist try to whitewash everything. Jesus IS black.

  4. The false christ is a mind, ego or idol based christ, this bright and shiny superstar, pushing all into pride, let them run for success to be one of his fellow followers, to become great and rich in his holy name. I know this guy or spirit if you will. It's what you want to call lucifer, most likely. Actualy all churches and religions follow his spirit.
    He tried really everything to push me into pride but never succeed. Jesus is a humble man, so am I. His love, compassion and forgiveness you find nowhere alike. So as long as you don't abuse his holy spirit of forgiveness and go wicked it's impossible to mess up with him.

  5. Yall have no wisdom and have no discernment should pray and ask the Heavenly Father for answers or even confirmation before you say "fake Christ". Be careful and remember the Pharisees had no knowledge that Christ was the one speaking to them when He was literally among them. Sidenote God's people are not a pale people. So what He saw is more accurate than not. Think about that..To God Be The Glory And The Praise!

  6. This is the most idiotic prophesy I have ever heard. Black Jesus??? Who could that be??? Gimme a break. I strongly advise anyone who thinks they have a relationship with Jesus to get out of politics. They'll take you straight to hell. I mean it. Don't vote right or left. All politicians are liars. They have to be. We don't want to be partakers with them.

  7. Hi. Its KJ. All Glory to THE MOST HIGH FATHER YAHAWAH! In the name of The SON Yahawashi.ika(Jesus)Wow…. You guys sound Just a tis bit upset at the tribal representation of The SON. If He did look like that an you shouted ignorant obsinities at HIM…umm the Lord is Lion like as well u know. Wouldn't wanna be the unfortunate fool who yells at The SON of THE MOST HIGH!!! Please be humble in your telling of divine visions…for we must be careful whom we entertain. May your family be blessed with joyful obidience to the Truth of THE ALMIGHTY FATHER. Shalom.

  8. I have not had a dream yet but Im glad that you and others that have related dreams share there experiences. If I ever do have a revelation to me on my dream, will do the same thing. God bless you.

  9. Concerning all the dreams I had about the former president he wasn't seen doing good. Ive also had dreams about his wife lately. God was showing me not to fall for her celebrity or admiring her.

    I may have had a dream where I met Jesus a few years ago. It felt like we were on a boat on the Sea of Galilee. I didnt see his face but he had on a white cloak.


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