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  1. Unbelievable. YouTube is putting one of their "blurbs" under this video, this time for a "Contrail" definition, even though the topic of geoengineering has gone mainstream. Just unreal.

  2. Thanks for the video. This is the best information on Morgellons I have seen yet. It out some of my fears to rest but raises other concerns. I have no signs of Morgellons for a long time but I think it was part of what caused many strange things. Supernatural things. And it got really crazy as I was reading the book of Enoch. When I got to the part about The Watchers. I am also what you would consider a targeted individual. I have have seen some things let me tell you.

  3. Harald is BRILLIANT. I have been binging on his stuff for the past few days to get a solid understanding. The sheer amount of research, soul searching, scares, awe, fear, emotional turmoil!!! Harald must have gone through a whole gambit of feeling and thinking and possible danger to bring us this calm lecture. DEEP respect to the man.
    *The word 'bot' I took to be a shortened version of robot but I think Harald is mishearing the word 'Borg' from Star Trek – which are humans that have been assimilated by the Borg to become hive mind human-robots.

  4. Ritchie, it's Nov 2019, I didn't search through all the comments, but,the ones I saw were three years old. If you reran this video, thankyou. It answered some questions I been looking for answers for, plus a whole bunch more. If this fellow speaks the truth, wow.

  5. Richie I just listen to a rap song on …O.D.D. tv.called the end of the tunnel… l and you're mentioned in the song as giving the real news they also talk about GMOs Chemtrails Etc

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this video and exposing the wickedness of these people and their evil agenda.
    This is not alien (there are NO aliens) technology, but purely demonic, straight from the pits of hell. OUR LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS IS OUR DEACTIVATION CODE.
    COLOSSIANS 3:1 – 3
    IF YE then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.
    Set your affection on things above, not in things on the earth.
    For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.
    2 CORINTHIANS 5:7 – 8
    (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)
    We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with Lord.
    Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of Him.

  7. To all u ppl so distracted and disgruntled by Harald's voice and appearance: he is speaking about topics that so outweigh what u r noticing that u expose your inability to prioritize appropriately and to internalize information. U reveal your intact Programming by insisting u b spoken to in a newscaster voice by newscaster face. I like Harald's voice and that he explains to b understood instead of speaking to sound smarter than the listener

  8. I c several comments about a Masonic handshake at the start. Miles Johnston does the move u r talking about. Harold was already smiling as miles reached out and Harald's face remained the same throughout. What wink? And for that matter I don't see a third knuckle being grasped, if I remember what u ppl r claiming the very secret handshake is. Harold did not participate in a Masonic handshake even if one was given to him. But it wasn't. If a nobody like you knows ALL about the secret handshake used by the most infamous secret society, it makes perfect sense for them to keep using it. Maybe it wld be more honest of u to say, u just don't want to believe this is true, that we all have deposits in our brains and nervous system that can b triggered remotely now w some setup but easy breezy after 5G installations and that world government is already here just hiding behind the high school play scenery. So in your opinion that Harald is a Mason, Masons wld disclose truth about chemtrailing in order to sneak in the crafty advice to increase the love in your heart and grow on a spiritual level to fuck us up? Cuz his advice sounds like good advice. SMH. 5G for cashless economy, ubiquitous surveillance, and social crediting to support an open global government as an intermediate step before open feudalism so the behind the scenes puppet masters can rule openly. When do we stop hiding behind the bible and Jesus and stop the immoral, universally criminal behavior ?

  9. ok, so how about this: in the bible we don't have any souls, we are souls. Like Adam became a soul. And all the animals are souls. This is according to the bible. In the bible there are angels who didn't want to follow God anymore, instead they wanted to be gods themselves, and the angel called Devil set the first example, by decieving humans. It was pretty easy, as the angels have access to things we don't and can say anything to us and we will believe it since we cannot disprove them. Before in history they were gods that priests and shamans could talk to and spirits and dead people that mediums could talk to. The dead people are not really dead people, because according to the bible, the soul dies, as the body and the mind is the soul. The dead people that spirit mediums still talk to today then are these angels who don't want to follow god. And today when nobody is religious anymore and wouldn't fall for "i'm a god, and i will tell you a secret", they also call themselves aliens. So the guy found out about this sentient dust or pieces of RNA, and wanted to know more. So he went to a medium, and the dead german guy appeared and told him that it was alien technology. Of course he did! It was not a dead guy, it was a "fallen angel", and he sold him the lie of the aliens as well.

  10. absolutely rivetting until he started talking about Black go reacting in the lab, getting angry, etc…precursored with a video of it floating in water….surely to add creedance to his statements he has videoed the goo reacting instead of just being 'asleep'……

  11. If this man had Jesus in his heart and knew how all this is in Genesis 6, jasher, Enoch, Jubilee's, and revelation… substitute alien with demon and black goo is well intentioned spirits vs evil spirits …spirits r the souls of the nephilim trapped here on Earth not allowed in heaven due to mixed human angel dna ……he's so close yet so far from putting it all together

  12. At 1:39:00 Well the government is supposed t be transparent about what they are doing. At least many people think they are. So if the people believe they know what the government is doing and they believe the government is doing good things that will benefit humanity, then we cannot say that they are playing the luciferic game.

  13. Do you think these morgellon demons may be what is referred to in the bible as is written "They were told not to kill them but to torture them for five months with pain like the pain of a scorpion sting. In those days people will seek death but will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them! The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. They had what looked like gold crowns on their heads, and their faces looked like human faces." (Revelation 9:7).

  14. The phrase 'future is now' just means that the future is within reach. It means they have everything they need to achieve their goals and now is the time to press on towards the future that they want to create. They are saying that by the year 2025 they will have created the reality that they have envisioned for so long. Now is the time to take hold of the future. They are setting everything up so that they can do that. This setup will be completed by 2025 and then implemented globally.

  15. I didn't know that you did a video on Harald kuatz valla that's where I've gotten alot of my information from God bless you Richie I have morgellons if you ever want to talk I'll give you my number I'm from East Boston but living in Quincy I'm Bobby Sferrazza I lost my last account so I use the fake name nothing but love for you Richie let the haters hate switchdrills@gmail.com
    Im Bobby Sferrazza and I'm sober by the way lol love ya brother


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