Black Gospel Songs | Black Gospel Songs Hits Playlist | Inspirational Black Gospel Music Playlist
Black Gospel Songs | Black Gospel Songs Hits Playlist | Inspirational Black Gospel Music Playlist
Black Gospel Songs | Black Gospel Songs Hits Playlist | Inspirational Black Gospel Music Playlist
[00:00:00] – 01. The Old Apple Tree
[00:05:32] – 02. I Will Trust in the Lord
[00:09:13] – 03. Thank you, Jesus
[00:14:46] – 04. There Is A Fountain
[00:18:36] – 05. Nearer My God To Thee
[00:20:59] – 06. A Song For You
[00:26:27] – 07. Thank You Lord
[00:30:59] – 08. A Charge to Keep I Have
[00:32:42] – 09. Holding on
[00:36:19] – 10. Move Upstairs
[00:40:05] – 11. Amazing Grace
[00:44:16] – 12. Soon I will be Done
[00:48:15] – 13. Hold On
[00:52:54] – 14. Order My Steps
[00:58:44] – 15. Lord You’re Holy
[01:04:19] – 16. Pray For Me
[01:07:06] – 17. It Will All Be Over
[01:09:39] – 18. They Got The World
[01:13:04] – 19. Thank You Lord
[01:17:36] – 20. You’ve Been So Good
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  1. just stumbled on to this if you got the voice to help us through this mean old world.. then, by all means, sing… unto the lord…. and we will follow him close as we can…. were allmost home .. thanks guys. see you on the side don't get discouraged…your music will work out… . dont quit were almost home….. id just love to start a band.. and give it to the lord and see what he does with it..too … havent played much since the 70s. played on stage a few times back in the day. but you're doing it and God is using it as of today couse im listing to it and its blessing me allthrough this day.god timing i needed blessed…lol outstanding harmonies. give yourselve a pat on the back.. your out there doing what you love to do to spread the word and comfert toes who are on the same path… im all in on jesus sounds like you are 2…. i get ideas for good gospel songs we can do all things through christ who stregntens us.. were all on thesame journy we just know how it…….ware are you guis out of? id love te here you play… want to see it its like church….ware ever we congragate there is the presence of the loard cous each and every one of us house the holy spirit.. sollid rithem sextion to.. .. tight drummer… for shure….



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