West Coast producer and rapper Black Knight (nka BrvndonP) throws a party in this music video for his hit song “Bibles In The Air”.

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  1. I am a true bass head and I loved gangster rap. The dirtier the better. I have been saved for about 9 months now. I have changed everything in my life music included. I stumbled on this 🔥 out of no where. I found my new favorite rap!!! Bibles in the air baby…

  2. Love this jam! I played it for my Sunday School class. But…what does 95'in someone in the face mean? The teacher says it at the beginning during detention. I thought I was aware of most slang…buuuut…

  3. Have once was young but now I'm old I've been around the elders and they prophesied this very thing I thank God I'm in the land 😂 of the living to see it…as a BELIEVER…I SAY .. it's BEAUTIFUL ❣️ YOUNG PEOPLE keep DOING 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️.. what you're doing💜☮️🦁🎓…Amen ..And A man.


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