Episode #19
When you think of Christian Rock, the last band you probably associate with it is Black Sabbath. But according to many rock historians, their song “After Forever” is the first true Christian Rock song.

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about Black Sabbath, Christian Rock, and bad music in the liturgy.


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  1. They got the meaning to after forever totally wrong. Because it’s a song about someone trying to convert some he sees as an easy target. It basically about people who give religion a bad name.

  2. I love black sabbath. I like a lot of metal but black sabbath are the godfathers of metal. A lot of people seem to think that metal is satanic but most lyrics are actually about problems in the world or mental health. Sure there is a lot of dark imagery but thats either to get the point across or just for fun. There are bands who just sing about murder for fun but those guys do that to create a horror movie but in music. Then you have bands who sing about mythological battles and more of that kind of stuff cuz they are nerds and its fun. You have bands that sing about vikings and pirates for fun. And then there is a genre called black metal, they are in some cases legitemately satanic and have burned churches in the 80’s. They are giving metal a bad name. Metal is very friendly, you just gotta find the right bands for you. Personally i dont care about mesages in songs, sure its nice to know a song is about something you can agree with but for me its about the music.

  3. They keep saying they can't believe it they can't believe it. Obviously they don't know nothing about the band or ever listen to them. I enjoyed listening to this but at the same time it exposes people's prejudice to things they have no clue about. All the members always wore a cross on stage and never hid them.

  4. I listen to Catholic metal/rock bands like Katholicus, Metatrone, The Thirsting, Seven Sorrows, Theandric, Critical Mass and so on. Let's support catholic music. I want to know your Catholic opinion about "Nativity in Black" song of Black Sabbath…by the way I love your show..Keep it up..God Bless m/

  5. Jethro Tull were christians, & a lot of their songs where chistian sentiment. To my thought, that is how any view should be shared in a "pop"medium. Like dude said, "christian rock" isnt making christian better its just making rock worse…

  6. A book I ran across a while back that's worth checking out is "Why Catholics Can't Sing" by Thomas Day. I haven't been able to find it of late, but it was great little history mainly of the Church in the 19th-20 century in America as well as in Ireland going back the last 3-400 years with regard to how music in the liturgy was practiced in those times, and the contributing factors in wider society affecting said practice. It was lighter than it sounds, pretty tongue-in-cheek.

  7. Great show. I’ve been a Black Sabbath fan since I heard their first album as a young teenager in 1970. I knew from the lyrics of their very first song “Black Sabbath” that they never glorified Satan, but in fact the opposite and warned against the evils of the devil and demons. Having said that, I don’t think that their music was the first Christian music. Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells is definitely a Christian song. Tommy James was a Christian when he wrote it and has said he was inspired by the books of Revelation and Ezekiel. The song was released in 1969 and pre-dates Black Sabbath.

  8. Liberal bullshit. The sublime chantics and hymmns the Church has

    brought us, make "Christian Rock" utterlly unnecessary and disgusting. Rock n Roll was born to excite our animalistic nature, christianity, to elevate from it. Trying to forcefully bring toguether two oposite ideals, does more harm than good. Learn to apreciate the true Catholic culture, and stop making excuses for your dubious tastes:


  9. Thank you for leading me to this great one:
    Revolution in their minds – the children start to march
    Against the world in which they have to live
    and all the hate that's in their hearts
    They're tired of being pushed around
    and told just what to do
    They'll fight the world until they've won
    and love comes flowing through

    Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today
    Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way?
    Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear?
    Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear?

    So you children of the world,
    listen to what I say
    If you want a better place to live in
    spread the words today
    Show the world that love is still alive
    you must be brave
    Or you children of today are
    Children of the Grave, Yeah!

  10. I listened to Spiral Architect, the one that was mentioned to be about abortion, and I didn't get that at all. It just seemed to be a bunch nonsense. Could someone explain to me what's up with it?

  11. So I sing in a choir in a church that has a choir loft, but we were directed several years ago that we shouldn't be up there and so all the choirs moved to the front of the church… hmmmmm


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