Episode 229: In this episode, a Flippy wrote a poem to ELon, harry legs Biden offends all black people, polio fears for kids, Air India crash, Beirut missile footage real or fake (and Gonz’ post on the Rods of God), CNN says China/Iran hate Trump who is Russia, but China is in cahoots with Russia over killing the dollar, YouTube shuts down China related channels, Trump makes weird statement about enemies a couple days after calling out the “yo-semites”, he makes call to ban TikTok and WeChat, just before the Manhattan blackout which has strange timing, FBI fitness app, and a look at the Floyd body cam footage. #Podcast #TikTok #Blackout

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  1. TWITCH has really been messing with you guys alot lately you should consider trying Dlive … I've never seen them mess with Owen Benjamin even once … and he's only slightly more controversial than everyone else on Earth right now LOL


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