Blake Shelton – Jesus Got a Tight Grip (Live from The Soundstage Sessions)

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Warner Music Nashville’s Blake Shelton is a country music heavyweight with over 25 #1 hit songs like “God Gave Me You”, “Boys ‘Round Here”, “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”, “Honey Bee” and “I’ll Name The Dogs”. His iconic catalog also includes 6 #1 albums such as Red River Blue, Bringing Back The Sunshine, If I’m Honest and Texoma Shore. A celebrated singer, songwriter, musician and coach of Team Blake on hit TV show “The Voice”, Blake has redefined what it means to be an entertainment superstar. And if that weren’t enough, Blake also dabbles in the finer things by way of his Ole Red bar and restaurants, inspired by hit song “Ol’ Red”, and his award-winning Smithworks vodka. With every turn, Blake continues to expand his own and country music’s horizons.

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  1. Father baptizes with the Holy Ghost through the Son ; you meet God at the cross when you get washed in the blood . John 10 30 Acts 11 16 Titus 3 6 ; Revelation 1 5 Romans 6 6 Galatians 6 14 . Come to Calvarys Holy Mountain Church Hymn .

  2. Thank you Blake for standing for Jesus, the only Answer. Hang on tight. You will face tribulations. God Bless you. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the Only Way to the Father and the true Light of the world. God Bless. Maranatha!

  3. Thank you. That one heck of a song. Yeah I cuss. But not on this one. Perfect song.
    One more thing. (we black, we white, we trans ) We are all human. Love you. And I'm glad you won the Voice this year. 👍👍

  4. Y'all don't love Jesus; you love an idol that you created in your mind that you call "Jesus". The real Jesus was circumcised, he was Middle Eastern, he had a long beard and he wore long loose clothes, he used to bow and prostrate with his face on the ground in order to worship GOD (he didn't worship himself), he never heard of a "Trinity" nor did he ever worship "three persons", he didn't eat pork sausages and bacon, he didn't dance around with women in skirts, and his mother wore a loose head covering as you see in some parts of Asia and Africa. Tell me, what do y'all have to do with Jesus?????? If you ever bumped into Jesus in your so-called "God's country" you would tell him and his mother to go back where they came from!


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