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  1. Honestly its getting tiring to see how much Bob discredits people who are not black simply to justify black peoples achievements. It's always black people vs any other race, ethnicity etc. I understand what he is saying and its absolutely true that POC (not just black people) need to work 10x harder to reach even the surface level of achievements white people get, but it is unfair to continuously state how much more deserving black people are.

  2. Have Bob. Congratulations on doing the All-stars season 7 pitstop!!! So excited for you. Do we know who's doing Fashion photo review for All-star 7???
    Thank you. Hope Drag Con 2022 was fun!!!

  3. Jack Harlow is one of those guys who make me question whether or not my lifetime obsession with DICK is a good thing or just a waste of all my precious ass time

    every gay man I know thinks he's cute…but, all I see is "white man with a cheap jheri curl"…I want to agree with my friends…but, damn, damn, DAMN 😫…if I can't get pass the Eriq LaSalle 'do…


    1) a haircut

    2) a facial scrub…because he's face is give me "13 year old going through an awkward hormonal phase" vibes

  4. I know her style isn't exactly similar to designers we know would have fit the theme more like Vivienne Westwood, but I would have loved to see something designed by Simone Rocha, some of the elements she usually incorporates in her collections would have had a nice chance to shine in an event like this
    Also i'm not with Bob, I really liked Jessica Chastain's look and the color was gorgeous, it was certainly more effort than a ton of other people there, there's better pictures of it than that one too

  5. God Bob I have loved you for a hot minute but only subscribed right now. I hope to leave this plane of existence tonight but want you to know that you are in my top 5 drag dolls ever and I’m old as f. Wishing you all the love and light in this world.

  6. I don't think you're wrong about the difference in artist standards, however, you can't compare Lizzo and Billie Eilish BOB! They are both fantastic! Lizzo is a rennaissance woman, and Billie is Purist.


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