Bonez – “Listen”
2013 “The New Life”

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Music Video shot in Virginia City, Nevada.
For music video services / recording services in the Reno area contact So1o Studios.

2013 Christian Hip Hop Music / visit to purchase this song and the full album!
For those who are fans of Lecrae, Dee1, Bizzle and many other Christian Artists!

“Christian Rap”
“Christian Rap”
“Christian Rap”
“Christian Rap”



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  2. Jesus is new and alive! We don't need Gregorian chants to feel closer to God. (Although they are great) for some of us this is our new liturgy and the way we focus of God in a media we understand. Keep rockin brother man.

  3. Not sure I understand your question..Are you asking why I rap about "GOD"? Simple answer to that..I would rather have a good message and reach out to people rather then a negative message, if you are given the opportunity to utilize a gift and display it in front of others, why would you go a negative route? 80% of Rap is negative, and about violence. That's why I choose to walk with God and make music for the good, I am not perfect but I am willing to be perfected.

  4. Yo this ya boi YunG TiMBo n ima young artist workin an albumn n I dnt usually record christrian rap but this really inspires me to get in the CHRISTRIAN RAP MUSIC INDUSTRY! I need to!

  5. why do "christian rappers " compare them selfs to ghetto and thugish using rap as a tool to try and reach people when the devil uses rap to reach young people to the path of hell

  6. This Girl gave me HIV and I killed her in this Hip Hop video GOOD or BAD acting… check out "Mileage by DJ Burn" and comment ur thought thanks…

    DJ Burn
    Oakland, CA

  7. Yes I talk about that kind of stuff on my album a lot. My main focus of topic is about the industry and how they will do anything to make it big, as those aren't my intentions that is why I share my music with people. Keep listening, you'll hear the truth of music.

  8. Thats great to hear, I hope you guys can purchase my album. The itunes link is in the description, right now all proceeds will go towards my next music video. I am working on getting the next one on MTV Jams but need the funds : /


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