Hello my loves!! The time has come. I am so excited to share some exciting news with you!!! I have written a book. It is called “Your Hidden Season: Discovering the Beauty in the Wait” I hope you like it and truly hope it blesses you! As single women of God we can have it all! This book is just one more awesome thing to put in your tool kit until the man that God sends you shows up on the scene! I pray it blesses you! Thank you for your patience. Love you, love you, love you!
Please remember that I believe in you, now it’s time for you to believe in yourself!

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hey youtube it is Lisa Danielle I have

been missing I know but it is for

purpose I promise you I have not

forgotten about you

you’ve always been at the forefront of

my mind but I have been busy with

something and I’ve been telling you that

it was coming soon

well wait no more today I’m gonna share

with you exactly what I’ve been working

on stay tuned

hello hello hello YouTube I know that

I’ve been gone I know I know you’re

upset with me you’re not talking to me

because I don’t have talked to you

consistently I’m really sorry about that

but I promise you that it has been for


I have been working working working and

guess what right ready I’ve written a

book yes in 30 days time my book will be

available for presale I am so excited

about it and I want to share it with you

it’s called your hidden season

discovering the beauty in the wait and

so I’m so excited to share with you some

of the bumps and bruises that I’ve had

because let me just tell you a lot of

the stuff I’ve learned cuz I’ve bumped

my head

okay I’m one of those people that has to

learn by hitting their head up against

the wall

used to be but I just wanted you to know

what I’ve been working on I’m so excited

about it and I cannot wait for you to

get a copy in your hands it’s gonna be

on eBook on paper bag on heart bag it’s

gonna be on Amazon and Barnes it no one

anywhere retail books are sold you need

to get this book I want you to get this

book I want you to get one for you and

your sister and your granny if she’s

still single at 95 everybody in your

life needs a copy of this book it’s

already fellas this book is not for you

ladies eyes only I want to share it with

you please let me know how you feel

go ahead and rate comment and subscribe

leave comments down below and I am so

excited about what God is gonna do I

hope you’ve been well I hope you’ve been

working on your purpose

and remember I believe in you now it’s

time for you to believe in yourself

take care I already am going to plan a

bla bla bla bla bla bla got start again

hello YouTube

it is your girl Lisa Danielle and I am

here because I have not been recording

this entire time without my mic – every

trip at every green eye completely

transformed my life if chance for MS

word you know I’m tired of recording

this over and over again



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