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Seeds Family Worship has over 250 videos (and 13 DVDs) to help your family and church memorize scripture (God’s Word)! We encourage you to use Seeds videos at home and church to engage your kids in worship and help them memorize the Bible. One cool thing about Seeds, at least half of the videos in each project come with hand motion videos to help engage your kids in worship. Seeds makes memorizing scripture fun for kids (and for the family).

What does Seeds Family Worship provide?
1. God’s Word In Kids Worship! Over 150 songs and 250 videos to word-for-word scripture!
2. Life-changing resources for home & church!
3. Family discipleship delivered to your doorstep with the Seeds Family Box.
4. Powerful, fun, LIVE WORSHIP EVENTS for the Whole Family!
5. Family Worship Made Simple with our Family Worship Guides & More.
6. Video Worship to word-for-word scripture with hand motions.
7. The best word-for-word scripture songs & videos!



  1. Love this song. My daughters used to sing this a lot in our car on the way to church. I don't get to hear that anymore now that I went through a divorce. πŸ™ I miss this.


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