Best-selling author Brad Meltzer and the team search for the meaning of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. Often called America’s Stonehenge, this granite monument is located outside Atlanta, in Season 1, Episode 10, “Apocalypse In Georgia.” #BradMeltzersDecoded
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“Brad Meltzer’s Lost History” follows Brad Meltzer as he leads the hunt to return lost and stolen American artifacts to their rightful owners: the American people.

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  1. I've been to the the guide stones. I was very shocked that they were set up in basically a cow pasture. So so odd. As of this yr they were blown up and destroyed. They never have said who done it. News has not been mentioned on anything else pertaining this incident. So strange.

  2. im so glad these racist stones got what they deserved. too bad the person who made it isn't around to see it!! I knew a white supremacists made this when I first saw it. im just glad it's confirmed now that these are the Georgia kkk stones…or was! ha!!

  3. It was a Masonic monument. The 10 rules are straight out of the Masonic guidebook. Some high level wealthy Mason wanted to leave their mark, and they did for a while, but people hate things done in secret so it didn't last.

  4. If you look at the top cap stone after the strike it looks like a strike from above. Drone strike? The gbi has released a video showing “people” placing the “bomb” and running away. But that cap stone I just think it definitely looks like a strike from a rocket.

  5. So caucasians will never reach over 500,000, 000! I'm talking about the pure Caucasian. So they want to bring the total population down of everyone else to 500 million to be in harmony with their perpetual nature that they speak of. And they're white Jesus. Knowing that Jesus is the SUN, so they use geoengineering against him and all of us everyday. That means the Moon Earth the heavens which my ancestors called the heavens the great mother that continuously give birth! Now scientists today say the universe is ever expanding. They corrupt and demonize everything natural and more ancient than them. You are just as a collective wired to destroy s***. You want to conquer everything but yourself so here we are


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