179 CCNT “Brainware Arrival & VR Pain Relief” – 03.04.2020

In this episode, Flippy math is shows why we’re doomed, local man goes satanic, cash might kill you now, more eyes on Zoltan, new Neurosity device promises practical application and style for BCI, VR successfully used instead of sedatives, and cat-dog for our Nephilim Update! Thank you for tuning in! If you’d like to hear more content we publish an Extended Report every week over at Patreon! #podcast #christian #prophecy



  1. Wow, now thats creepy that you're having mouse problems also. I never had a mouse problem in over 20 years…….UNTIL TODAY. Get a toothpick and clean out all the gunk next to the wheel on both sides. Mines as good as new now. GL


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