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  1. This video is not claiming that these celebrity comparisons are identical but could be of the same DNA through IVF. Don't take it as I am trying to pull one over on you. I'm just setting up the video with supporting imagery. What does 23 & Me and Ancestry do with all our DNA records? Can we really edit DNA? Just want you to question the hidden system around you friends.

    This a remix of older content for discussion. Much of this information gets buried in the vast sea of new daily post on social media. Important topics slowly drop off and fade away if not kept in general circulation. Please do your own research on this content. Let me know how you feel about DNA manipulation, "Clone Gate", the Trans agenda etc. in the comment area. Please be respectful of others as we all try to come to the truth on these subjects. Checkout the description for lots of links to other important videos, my website, and backups. Times short friends! Jesus Saves! Follow Him!

  2. excellent work guys, wish we could get through. my family, who still watch the satanic control systems, of tv, movies, etc just can't see the truth. we are to the wheat and the tares. this is why the path is narrow, and few find it. thanks for showing the truth. God bless you all…

  3. I'll have no part in their evil agendas. I refuse to let anyone inject me with anything. Praise Jesus Christ 🙏✝️ our Lord and Savior 🙏🙌🙏 ✝️🛐 🙏⚔️ 🛡️ FULL ARMOR OF GOD ⚔️🛡️🙏✝️ Yes, they will kill us. I'm ready whenever Jesus calls me.

  4. 2009 my MRI came back lymphoma I was told I had to have surgery for a biopsy I agree I went into the hospital and was gutted like a cow. The Oriental doctor came in and told me that I had no cancer after all. I would have never known, 2013 I was wheeled invite ambulance x-rayed my abdomen bad car accident it says linear metallic density overlapping my abdomen no spleen. Follow-up MRI and pet scan confirmed spleen was surgically resection removed. Operative report says biopsy. so I Google linear metallic density overlapping the abdomen Google says gold threading popular in the orient internal acupuncture sends and receives signals to block pain. Expensive. Being introduced in November 2019 in America as a way for people to get off those dangerous opioids. What a tiny web we weave. I guess I was using as an experiment seeing is on the targeted individual and been discredited Everywhere I Go Tri I guess I must beyond that you know list. It's true they've been doing it for decades with innocent American citizens like myself. My Oriental doctor nowhere to be found in America how interesting. and by the way I live in excruciating pain excruciating

  5. Clones are here and other evil things we have yet to see, get close to JESUS CHRIST!!!! so you will be protected from this evil that's here. Once again great video, I thank God for giving you wisdom and knowledge to get these videos out.

  6. Idk any women who don't swell up when pregnant! Only in Hollywood the so called women don't gain weight but in middle. They also don't retain water or get bigger breasts when supposedly pregnant!!

  7. I believe cloning a man or woman to be impossible. Why? Well, I believe in the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I believe they are all God and all distinct beings. I believe God or Elohim (a plural word in Hebrew) bestows consciousness to each man or woman who has ever or will ever exist. I can't see how Elohim would bestow that gift to a man-made being. Can we clone the matter-make-up of a human body? I believe the powers that shouldn't be can do this right now. However, I believe that cloned matter/body will have no soul and no consciousness, in effect, a dead husk. The consciousness will have to be added later. I do not believe you can copy the consciousness or the soul. None the less, they will try anyways. I may be wrong in all this; I hope I am not. If there are clones out and about, I believe they are most certainly possessed by something, not the consciousness of a man or woman. I can easily see the cloning of a body and having 'something else' inhabiting said body. I want to believe that mankind cannot generate consciousness without God.

    Do your part! Toss a wrench into the machine:
    1. Stop worshiping Hollywood in all it's myriad aspects, from movies and TV to magazines and main stream media. If people stop contributing it has to collapse.
    2. Stop paying tax on the money you work for. How? Well first of all, never ever say you won't pay taxes or any other debt someone claims you owe. Simply ask the debt collector (IRS, CRA or third party debt collector, etc.) to verify their claim and present you with a true Bill, signed under penalty of perjury. They won't do this. Why? Simple. When someone claims you owe a debt but they don't have first hand knowledge of the debt, except what spews from a computer, they are committing fraud. They know this. So, yea, they won't send a Bill signed, ever. Without sending you verification of said debt (a signed Bill) it is very hard for said debt collector to come after you in a court of law. I know this from my own experiences. Ending the taxation of your labor, if enough people do this, crashes their little private game. At least in the financial areas. Another way to look at it is you are a battery right now by way of you labor (energy). Remove your battery from their system.

    May the Eternal bless you. Your efforts are appreciated.

  8. There must be a lot of mothers to give certain physical characteristics per the requested order. Eye color and everything else people want their babies to be like is already in the conversation like CRSPER for example. Imo it was being done in ancient Egypt just look at the strange blending of animals depicted in theart. Some of those people may just look alike.

  9. Great vision and Forsyth- you are gifted and sharing you knowledge with the awoken ones – we try to snap sheople out of the matrix they the fallen angels have orchestrated thru lucifer worshiping hierarchy zionists occult masons- the synagogue of satan. May our creator be with us all

  10. That sex program is the same concept they had in tbe original judge dreed movie in the 90's. They outlawed everyone from have physical sex it was all VR and babys made in tubes


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