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  1. Coronavirus, historic wildfires, riots, unrest, shakings and a great shaking to come. Then wormwood, like a flaming mountain will be trown into the sea. And Jesus will come back and lift up his people. The time is here! Ready your selves

  2. Sorry Paul, but no need to get so uptight. I live in Northern New Jersey. I was awake when it happened and I didn't feel anything. Plus, I was awake since 6:30 in the morning. Besides, the last earthquake here was back in 2011, and that went unnoticed by the majority. I'm not concerned.

  3. X files 260 334 John 1 1 in Christ: Judgements fruits 🍉 works America ( Mystery Babylon) sits on many waters. Travis Scott McDonalds meal 🥘 ( 1 Corinthians 1:27) “ The foolish things of the world 🌎 to shame the strong 💪” Travis Scott, Cardi B(WAP)96)Tekashi 6ix9ine, great earthquake California (9.6) sinks into sea 🌊 TuTu splits the earth 🌍 on the wicked, no repentance in the land no truth in the land, judgements must come. Christ manifest your righteous judgements on the wicked , let your kingdom come ( everlasting gobstopper) Wonka, everlasting righteous kingdom ( golden ticket 🎫) Benx171 sword ⚔️ of David X a greater Solomon coming. Mem👑x Resh👑x Tav👑x Yud👑x Zayin👑x Eyin👑x Jehovah👑x⭕️🕊🕊🕊. Hotel 🏨 California ( The eagles 🦅) 1977 great earthquake Valdivia (1960)🕊❎ Tekashi 6ix9ine Tutu splits earth 🌍 Jehovah splits Rock for Joshua, walls of Jericho fall ( Kanye west) “ All falls down” (9.6)7 magnitude shakes the wicked (777) (5781)9x 🕊⭕️❎ 211 788 (577) 639 (219)

  4. There is no Blue moon though on the Creators Calendar , which is the Hebrew Calendar, as God's Calendar is governed by the moon as it is written in Genesis, 1 v 14, I give you the Sun the Moon and the Stars for signs and for seasons.
    It can't happen on the Hebrew Calendar as it is governed by the moon.
    Just saying the Gregorian Calendar is a Pagan Sun Calendar, designed for Sun Worship by the Romans.

  5. Sit back and just think how we live here on this planet Just under the ground we walk on, is our mantle of over 1000 degrees , It's like putting something over your BBQ grill and walking on it. Eventually at some point in time its gonna give. This planet is cursed, Plagues, famine, earthquakes, tornadoes, wild fires, asteroids, war, Jesus said he will go and prepare a place for you. Happier days will come for those who are alive and remain lift your heads cause your redemption draw nigh!

  6. Mike-From-Around-The-World…was 100% Correct when he said "Wildfires" will start breaking out from nowhere. And Fissers will start opening up from the ground near Volcano Mountains and rising "Magma" will start Wildfires. 22 Wild major "Wildfires" here in my California that have popped-up from nowhere with NO Arson or NO Lightning causing them?? Come on, people. Wake up. My Californian (fires) are from Mike when he told us this would happen.

  7. Welcome to the apocalypse. The weather today is raining ash, with lol ts of smoke blocking the sun so it doesn't give off its light. Keeping weather nice in cool. While a fake Virus closes down the world and it's Churches. Giving satan the power to start fires with Lazer beams


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