“3 Meteorites Explodes Over Spain / Coronavirus
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  1. I'm struggling with the chat on this channel today. People are writing broken sentences that don't clarify what they mean and others don't seem to know how to spell leaving one to guess what is meant. Come on guys the world is mixed up enough. lol

  2. Brothers and sisters , and I mean ALL OF you I'm not prejudiced if you know who TO and how to PRAY I would say it time to get started. Pray for every thing because the way I see it the whole world is running about as bad as it can get without flying apart. But, if I am wrong would someone PLEASE let me know. FATHER GOD BLESS THIS MESS THAT MANKIND HAS ALOUD TO HAPPEN.

  3. I hope Paul feels better soon. It's very helpful and informative to folk like myself who dont get to hear the broader news in the media. I didnt know China provided 90% of pharmaceuticals so thats an eye opening peice of information and something else Ive learnt. Your report is also very caring and compassionate for people who have this virus, which is heart warming.Thank you for all the info Heid. ps I didnt mind the sudden repeatative glitch in the song "Theres is a fount" 😀 it made me chuckle, besides it's too beautiful a hymn to mind I could hear it forever. 🙂 Shalom

  4. Amen!!! God is AweSUMFull, or for those that don't believe: Awe…someFool,
    but examine the Evidence, and I hope You become convinced before it's too late.

    The Astereroid belt is btwn Mars and Jupiter.

    Rabbis claim Mary wasn't a Virgin, because the Masoretic Text has the hebrew word ALMAH, meaning MAIDEN, however, Rabbi Akiba changed BETHULAH(hebrew forVIRGIN) to ALMAH. It was originslly BETHULAH in the Septuagint version, which existed Several hundred years before Christ.

    The earth used to be an oblate spheroid flattened at the Poles
    Another name for geographic Pole Shift,
    as described in Rev 6 and Rev 16 is called Earth Crust Displacement, or ECD for short. See Charles Hapgood, as mentioned in Velikovsky's WORLDS IN COLLISION.

    An Electrical Engineer
    said 5G will put out 10watts per square meter (which he said was very high). 5G in conjunction with Blockchain Tech and the RFID Chip (or E-Ink Tatoos, whose design can be changed from your phone) will be the basis for the Mark of the Beast.

  5. World has a huge obsession with mobile phones, yes they are convenient but people's eyes are down and not concerntrate on anything, many have to text a person in the room due to their fixation on these terrible devices , not good all round

  6. I wonder BC North Korea won't let the world know how many of it's poor citizens either have the virus or have died?! That is so sad that NK refuses to let the world have its numbers added to the totals from WHO!

  7. But your white supremest president promotes 5G and he said he wants 6-7-8 G😡😡😡lock him up in Epstein’s cell with cameras on so we can watch


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