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  1. Why does nobody talk about the statistical fact that 250,000 people die every month from other respiratory infections? Straight from the WHO website global causes of death. 3 million per year from respiratory infections. Thats 250,000 EVERY MONTH! COVID-19 pales in comparison.

  2. 44,000 African Americans dying of Covid-19!! I don’t believe the numbers, God is going to judge the USA!! Why I don’t hear of death tolls in Hollywood or other places where the rich people live somebody please tell me why.

  3. Yeah but the numbers are real, I think it’s just a bad bad flu so it is this is all inflated put people in fear I think people are dying more afraid the Bible says people of their hearts were failed him for what’s coming up on the earth so that’s probably what’s killing most of them but you can’t believe in coming out of the news and the government what are you freaking kidding Rob serving Satan even half the so-called ministers are serving the devil if not

  4. There's so many lies out there. Viruses take year's to die out. Then…there will be others. Then famine and war. Just be prepared for your eternal destination

  5. We need to be careful there is great deception Satan is the father of lies! The rapture is close & the mark of the beast is close hang in there guys and trust no-one but our Lord Jesus Christ, times so short 👍

  6. You’ve lost your credibility with me, you sound just like CNN, why not do your own research, or is it that’s the only way to keep your channel up is to agree with them? They are labeling all deaths to the virus, don’t you get that, all the hospitals are empty.

  7. That’s true BUT if we are stressed out and starved 3 times more will die. We have learned to be careful and especially people are praying which I believe is helping. Right now we are all being allowed and funneled through Stores despite the pandemic and everyone is getting contaminated anyway! And some not even allowed outside their homes I heard is this right? No gardens, no going out away from everyone to stay away from Corona like fishing, families pushed close together so they all going to get it. I know a family that keeps passing Corona back and forth for 3 months! Kids are taking it so-so but an adult prayed through one night to stay alive. They gave it to me and I took silver- in 2 days I was ok!!! and the fool came on National TV saying ‘don’t take silver!’ He’s a fool, and anyone else who scoffs at it when they know nothing about it. I gave some Silver to the adult and he was better straight away. But mainly we can receive healing from God. God is rooting for us- join His team and whether we live or die we are blessed.

  8. "THEY" are saying everyone is dying of cv… even cancer patients, and all diseases, and even car says covid 19….I think pastor paul is decieved on this…satan trys to fool the elect…, I just saw a picture of paula white and her husband dressed up for HALLOWEEN as little red riding hood and the WOLF……yes! From 2018…….they also gave ppl advice to watch porn, in order to have "a better marriage" WE ARE TO TEST THE SPIRITS!!!

  9. God bless you Pastor Paul. Just yesterday we found out a friend of ours is in the hospital with covid-19. People want to get back to work, I know. Everybody wants things to be better than they are right now. So sad. Many more will die because they don't think it will happen to them. This is extremely sad, especially if they don't have Jesus Christ as their Savior. Call on the name of Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Thank you Pastor.

  10. With all due respect, not too long ago I remember Heidi was so mad that US was starting to shut down things b/c no one does that for the flu. You all were in a hotel room and you wanted her to talk but she was just too mad at the "hype". Many pastors were saying this isn't any worse than the flu..all media hype. So, you can't blame the public for not knowing how to react when so many were saying this isn't any worse than the flu. I knew it was worse b/c I had been watching the videos coming out of Wuhan released by citizen journalists who in turn are missing and no one knows where they are.

  11. I hope this message gets to you pastor. I want to send a message to you about Mike from around the world. I believe things he said are starting. I live in CT. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm. I was in Dr office. There was a large sound of thunder and pouring rain. For a short time sheets of rain with hail fell. Of course wind. Our wind has been increasing. We had a day of wind gusts up to 70 mph but steady 15-20 mph. Today our winds are 15 mph.i just wanted to confirm what Mike said and also let you know it is starting slowly here.
    I don't want to seem insensitive about this video. My heart breaks too. I am a Respiratory therapist. I am trying to help my patients not get it. I work on a ventilator unit. We don't plan on being a covid unit. We are gowning etc to protect our patients. I live next to a city with a freezer truck filled with dead bodies. It is real and I hate when people tell me it doesn't exist. God bless.

  12. The HOLY Spirit just gave me a message..when you see all these things coming to pass..rejoice look up because your redemption death nigh🙏Soon we will be taken up to meet Jesus in the clouds.

  13. I can't even stand watching you anymore! Stop spreading lies! You're helping the Beast System!! People are dying because of what they have done! Who you working for? Who's pocket are you in? They are listing every death as covid and helping sick people die by not properly caring for them! May God forgive you! You're helping further the Global Agenda, next you'll be telling people to get the vaccine. I see you're making $$ off this bullshit, maybe that's your agenda…stop the brainwashing. If it was that deadly, you'd be dead after coming home from Japan with no mask! LIES

  14. I don't doubt the virus. I doubt the beast systems narrative and I fear where the average person on Earth will put their faith.
    Make sure your faith is in the the Lord!
    Fear is not of the Lord. Have faith people!

  15. Its really frustrating spend hours writing a post and going on with a different user name and post missing. What is status on Paul going on with his own server seems most of my posts were missing which explains why no one ever responds is no one is seeing posts. Suspect many good posts are not visible due you tube ai, etc….

  16. I'm thinking its safer in place like Antarctica cold places seems the heat n sun we know grows more bacteria etc and I know they call this virus but if antibiotics help then there must be some kind of bacterial infection in this stuff

  17. Thank you Paul somebody needs to talk some sense into these people cuz all the Trump supporters and Patriots are the ones who are being idiots and thinking this is all just a flu and going out and protest and being around each other and they are the ones that are going to be dying not the libtards but the right-wing people the Christian people are the ones who are believing these conspiracies while the libtards are hunkering down at home this is dangerous


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