Shooter is dead but 10 people shot



  1. Pastor Paul, I feel that Satan spirit makes come in to individuals who does not have a blood of Jesus Christ to protect them. They will act like devil and kill people like craziness. The scientific doctors would call as mental illness. It is so confusing.

  2. Pressed the wrong button….. anyway….have long been student pilots from Saudi Arabia and other allies in our training programs. Our government needs to re evaluate its vetting process to be more thorough for the foreign personnel (no matter which branch of service).


  4. Did anyone mention that the shooter was islamic.. My question is: why is our military allowing these Arabs into our units… Oh, I forgot temporarily.. The demon-rats has forced this upon our service people to take over the country..

  5. Another very interesting conformation by Israeli News Live is that FEMA has been sending checks each month to toe truck company’s for 5 years to have them ready for disaster. They haven’t been sending checks each month for 5 years for a just in case reason but for a planned reason that hasn’t happened as of yet but them ready for what can only be a plane event that is waiting for the right time. This could be an EMP attack or a known disaster of some other type of plan.

  6. Good morning Pastor Paul I live not far from Pensacola from Destin Florida and I woke up to this and it's just like wow that's going all through this world I just can't wait to go home and it is coming soon faster Paul! I was not a believer in anything apollyon, Jesus I believe in a higher power anyhow July 7th of this year I got woken up by the Lord Paul and you know when I try to turn in my family and certain friends they kind of ran from me if you understood my lifestyle for so many years I turned 50 last March by the way my name is Andrea but I just live such a wild sinful life my son died last year of a heroin overdose and I just wanted to die but up until July 7 th of this year the Lord has been leading me two places about this world showing me what it was really like and then on July 7th the holy spirit filled my body and I'm not crazy but it's like I can see things now it's the discernment I guess it is when you see and hear things he opened your eyes he being our beautiful Lord but I really can and he led me to you I don't care what anybody says about you you're a great guy, you're a very happy person and I love your singing actually I think it's pretty cool but he led me to a few people and I also have a couple of channels I watch that rabbis talk about! I called him Yeshua Hamashiach now he's even got there's two names tattooed on my wrist with an Israel stars when they have on their flag a little Christian cross in it and on my other arm king of kings and Lord of lords Revelation 11:15 he's so real and I want people to know that he is coming soon I mean to say he's coming very soon not years but very soon and there's just a lot I know Pastor Paul it scares people the way I talk about him I even had an ex-friend that now tell me that I kind of just Knew Too Much it scared her because you got understand July 7th of this year is when his holy spirit filled my body! Anyhow can you buy please lost I hope that this can help and plant a seed and that the Lord may be able to grow when you like he is growing in me! I've already sent prayers to the victims their families and our military world is going to end people we're going home soon I can't wait! God bless to all my brothers and sisters on this channel! Pastor Paul God bless to you and your family and I'm really telling you the truth the Lord led me to your Channel! You just have to know me to know that I knew nothing about Christians Jewish nothing show just know that you're an awesome person and God loves the work that you do so does the Lord!!!😊😇

  7. We are in a civil war. The media calls it terrorist attacks. When citizens or residents are targeting others it's a civil war. Please prepare accordingly. Pray first and foremost and get back into covenant with God.


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