Stock Market Up 500 Points, Gold prices up over $1,700 oz, and Markets and Business opening back up

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  1. My Governor of Michigan ask TRUMP if she can extend lock down. She asked TRUMP. Donald Trump was NEVER a Christian and is still not a Christian. Him standing in front of a church holding a Bible was symbolic. A Christian Bible in front of a catholic Church upsetting the Bishops. The chess game has Bishops. This is a Jesuit move, which Trump is. Understand, Trump and Hillary are buddies now, and before he was president. He's a Jesuit and the pope general of the Jesuit right hand man. Trump supporters can't see this just like Obama supporters couldn't see the wrong in him either.

  2. Don’t put anything is this stupid stock market. It’s all artificiality propped up by the fed printing tons of useless paper. God is going to judge this nation very soon so my plan is to repent daily, pray daily and seek him daily and draw as close to him as possible! Love and blessings to you all in Christ Jesus! Even so come Lord Jesus!

  3. Where I live in Texas….everything is spread out. It's very hot. People here are not playing. Hand sanitizer is in every office. Every grocery store. No one wants to touch handles with their hands. We use our backs, our shirts, napkins…whatever to keep from touching common surfaces. So far we're doing good in our town.

  4. FOR TRULY CREEPY CREEPY VIDEO CHECK OUT ; THE MOST CREEPEST THING I`VE SEEN: WHAT CULT IS THIS? by James Munder its about 5 minutes long . reminescent of the JIM JONES CULT. i want to think this is all good and innocent . But looks like ANTIFA to me doing a psyop . people ready to drink the coolade. young people being brainwashed. THIS doesnt end well. Jim Jones looked innocent till he talked 900 people into drinking cyanide laced coolade.

  5. Fed says unlimited liquidity, billions of imaginary dollars being dumped into markets worldwide daily. Massive debt bubbles existed before covid19. 3 wheelbarrows of bank notes for one loaf of bread soon.

  6. Hey let's forget about the Corona virus and let people riot and burn down building's. Or we can destroy the riot retards and forget about the dumb virus. Either way, let's forget about the virus. It's a fallacy

  7. pastor Paul!! we.all know the is causing all the destruction to the maximum n beyond!!.it's showing loud n clear !! prayers is the only solution to save our souls!!! lots of people live how the wants to lives !!! that's not how God wants us to be !!! right? so disaster will never end pastor Paul!!!!I'm praying with mercy.

  8. Pastor Paul, why would you let this man say they dont believe in God? He doesn't know what is in their heart. I get so tired of the right saying the left don't believe in God. Please stop judging.


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