The Earth Is Shaking
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  1. Or..
    Sinkholes are most often natural occurrences, especially in places such as Florida with limestone or ground easily dissolved by water, according to the U.S. Geological Survey . They can be dramatic, such as with El Khouri's front yard, or happen over time. They can also be "human-induced" through construction and groundwater pumping, the USGS says.

  2. Tribulation already. Just because some folks have not experienced it yet doesn't mean we are not already in tribulation.
    We must endure. Hold fast that no man take thy crown.👑
    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  3. the temples relly for god like you said but satan will try to covet it one last time like he had easu steal jacobs blessing in a short time i was given dates but cant give them out there not the same only god knows his plan he is secrecy.

  4. I'm from Florida. This happens on the regular. These sinkholes have been known to swallow houses whole.

    It's because our entire state is loaded with a huge cave network that is filled with water. Many of use this water source. Problem us this network is so vast any seemingly stable looking ground even at a new home will suddenly sink.

    Especially when there's a lot of rain and this network of caves is too full of water. It causes the ground to sink and someday, collapse.

    Look it up sometime. It's very interesting. Scary for us though.

    It is called the Florida Aquafier System. We have maps of them. Useful for if you plan on buying a home down here to make sure your home isn't sitting in one or one isn't on your property. Or at least not a sizable one on your property that could cause a problem in the near future. Seriously. It's not an unexplainable or a biblical or planetary issue. We just have them naturally. Lots of sand and soft rock. Our water table is crazy. You can dig a few feet in some places and the hole will fill with water very quickly.

    I used to dig with scallop shells when I was a little girl and then sit in the water inside the hole.😂

    Used it to make my mud pies too.

  5. Pastor Paul need a friend in London come over this American is ship wrecked here in the UK are you serious Are you SERIOUS yes and the weather is always rain rain and more rain whattt

  6. The trailer looks like a doublewide….I think if it were singlewide the sinkhole would have taken it.
    Has anyone ever video a sinkhole from start….does it start from center to outer…is it loose sand?….


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