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  1. You Tube
    Paul Begley
    Oregon Fires Orange Blood


    Pastor Question: Are the FIRES Man made? OR GOD’s Judgement? ❓❓❓


    Mike Morales

    Poodle Girl:
    Dave Hodges said, “elites flying into to Colorado airports flooding underground.”

    Troy Lundstrom:
    “I live in the woods of Oregon and there are fires everywhere. People have seen Antifa types starting fires. Also Dutch sense posted video of DEW possibly IR Lasers being used to also start these fires, they just erupted all at once. My Friend in Sherwood Oregon Seen a white beam right over head (The IR beams are not visible but you can See the Partials which light up the beam). The Sun was never visible over my place Tuesday, we a under attack plain and Simple.

    @Troy Lundstrom Hey Bro. WHAAAT !? “D.E.W. possibly IR Lasers being used to also start these fires” !? 🙏 ALL the evil Doers be Exposed!

    True Reporting

  2. I live here. I am east of Mt. Jefferson literally right behind the fire. I have family and friends living in the Willamette valley and it is just devastating. I have videos and pics. I have many people who had to flee there homes. Mike is exactly right I'm afraid on Sept 3rd video.

  3. Look for tbe signs folks they seems to have a scientific explanation or that is normal but it corelate with the scripture, God Bless All – In the name of Almighty Jesus Christ AMIN💕

  4. I live in this area and it is true. The sky looks even more red than in the photo. My Sister and Grandmother's homes were miraculously protected. Most all the other homes and structures around theirs are gone.

  5. Urgent prayer needs. I just watched a man assault a woman he was walking with while she was pushing a stroller. I watched him sock her in the face with all his strength. He is a big muscular man and she probably weighs 100 lbs. When he hit her, she went flying and hit the road hard. I was surprised she got up at all. I called 911. But no way to tell them where they went. If I had my car today I would have followed them. Please pray for her. She took a really hard blow to her face. He did not hold back on his strength when he hit her. She has to be in pain. Pray the police are able to locate him and pray Jesus leads her out of that abuse. In Jesus name!

  6. Yellowstone!!! Watch Esteps True News for the update… Idaho & Montana fires breaking out, Yellowstone swarming, and some weird activity there… Jesus is coming SOON!!! Our Blessed Hope, is his appearing for his Bride, YES!!! Titus 2:13 PS Mary Greeley, Utube has a good informative update 7 earthquakes, one at the geyser 4.2 was downgraded by USGS, she explains the danger signals, tourists are unaware for the most part, people need to get in the Ark (Jesus) is the safest place to be!!!


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