“Bolivia On The Brink” Call To Action –
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  1. Domocacy = tarny according to the founding fathers. Which is why they didn't found one, instead they founded a Republic. I am still interested in learning how one goes from a Republic to a democracy exactly? If anyone has any ideas.

  2. Watch for things to possibly come in December. A prophet gave me a heads-up for the specific month. All I can say is that the planet x is real, and things will really start to kick in pretty soon. I'll just leave it at that. God bless you all!

  3. They need to make Snow catchers to convert, clean, and store freshwater from the Snow.

    Ask mike about the zero point energy increase, and whether it will play a role in the heavens on fire(reference Dr. Barrie Setterfield).

    The Powers of Heaven will be shaken(gravity).

  4. Calling BS on Mike from around the world. If the stuff you said was true, then time to come out from behind the curtain and put your 'evidence' before educated folks scrutiny.

  5. i hate to tell the young, but planet x is going to kill us, within the next 5 years !!!!o'h and don't for get the ice age coming to, the thing that is going to kill you youth, is your stupid self's !!!we are in a super grand solar mini., that means the sun has gone to sleep, so that means very, very cold, mini ice age folks, and planet x will be going by very soon !!!!!! well folks are going to have to get some Distiller ization pumps, to make fresh water!! but ya Stan, is right but i say all of above, cause when x goes by i believe every dam thing that can go off will go off guys, listen the earth can take a lot, but the stress this planet is going to be in !!!!listen when it pulls us over on are heads, x pulls us over u are looking at walls of water 500 to a 1,000 feet high !!!! i don't no how to make anyone listen to my words, but keep your family close, all your love ones, it's very close now we can see it with all it's friends so ya when it goes by we will be pulled over and then slam right threw it tail, that's going to hurt, but this will all happen twice, so the chances of many of us making is not very good !!!! i wish pastor would ready this, if only for this right here, pastor u could sit across the room and we could still here you just fine !!!! really !!! ya it's going to get really bad !!! just say'en !!!!


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