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  1. This planet has been talked about for decades and to this day this mystery X planet hasn't been seen yet! This tells me it's a big fat hoax!! Paul you've been hoaxed

  2. Planet 9 hasn't been completely confirmed yet, it's still a very hypothetical object. If you think its Nibiru you're flat out wrong because Nibiru isn't real

  3. That set of planets is where Nabu and the rest of his family and other space faring colonizers that came here a half a million years ago. Go to the Sumarian Tablet texts on the Oxford website. Read through all of them involving Enki, Enlil, Marduch, Ninmah, Innana, Utu, Anu, etc. Those are our ancestors. They took wives if the humans, and we have their blood now.
    It would be the same if we went out to another inhabited planet and colonized. And intermarried with the inhabitants. We would leave our genes with them. These concepts aren't hard to understand. They are rather simple actually.
    Yes there is a creating force within the many Universes out there. Is it one person.??? No it's energy and biology. It's SOURCE.! But we as homo Sapien Sapien where given the genes if a different colonizing group of hominids that came here from another system. And now they have found that system. How could the researchers find something they where'nt looking for.?? Scientists , Astrologers, have known these truths for years, and been looking for their planetary system to return as promised.!!

  4. They and u have said it's been found before…I'm not saying there will or won't be an incoming planet…but everything ya nd to know is in the Bible,not what a scientist says…most scientists don't even believe in God so y would a supposed Christian man give a crap about science??? "Science is for those who have a hard time excepting reality wich is Christianity"

  5. Have you seen "Final Days" on You Tube . Our weather cameras have llpicked up some photographs that will blow your mind. The government has gone out of the way to hide this incoming system. Ever noticed how hard it is to see upper altitudes through all that haze?
    Something is effecting our weather and causing the earthquakes!

  6. Anything NASA announces is smoke & mirrors – cover for the truth about Nibiru aka Planet X. They’ve been making these announcements about space objects & events that don’t affect us for years while covering up what people really need to know – that there’s a Planet coming toward us.

  7. please go to faa site list and see what i see at different places such as menta s/e

    nondalton south kasigluk s/w deadhorse s barrow utqiagvik s /w and now there going into summer longer nights and days these are just a small objects up there on one of these sites you can see the wings i belive in nemesis is the other star thats what we should be more worried about. nibiru is going to pass us not strike they say nibiru has a tail of over a million miles and quite a few moons the tail is a collection of space rubbish i saw a vid long ago saying when nibiru passes its pull on our n pole will spin it over to south causing the earth on top to slide europe will be destroyed so will much of u s a its out there saw you talking about it way back in 2017 as did scott from nibiru channel and others its there man and getting closer amen

  8. Unless you have a report that says which constellation or the coordinates where a Planet X is located don't report on it. If I can't see it with the naked eye or put my telescope on it to verify its location its just another click bait waste of my time.

  9. Do you really believe all the information that comes out from the government officials , scientist and the doctors? You are taken that information to seriously lately my friend ,This world is full of lies and deception you don't want to actually do the same thing by re-spewing it out back into the world accidentally. Go back to your roots and do more gospel teaching shows u worry to too much all the crazy that is mixed wirh fiction and nonfiction. It just seams like lately every Christian that has a beautiful platform is more focused on the little things instead of the (big boss and his son.) You do great work I ain't here to talk down on you! Thank you for your hard work

  10. Wonder how many ppl who follow this man either lost their mind or committed suicide over his cultish like lies… this evil man will have to answer before God soon.. he looks pretty old fat sloppy and unhealthy

  11. they've been seeing it for a long time, they're just acknowledging it. How much clearer can it become that we are in the tribulation. Just ask the people who are suffering, they will agree that we are in the tribulation, however most probably they're too busy surviving to take part in such conversations. May God have mercy on them, and those who are suffering in other ways now.


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