The biblical Plague Of The Beginning Of Sorrows Is Here
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  1. See what ya get taking $$$ from the poor, ya get SICK…
    The BIBLE is the SCRIPT of the CABAL..
    Don't be blind now, PAUL, the COGNITIVE DISSONANTS need you !!!
    Wrong.. we are 6000 years into it all.. WHY ??? COUNT THE AGE OF ADAM.. in 2017 he turned 6000 years old, count from.your BIBLE..
    It's all about the SABBATH as a timetable..
    Our GOD worked 6 days (Peter says God's day is 1000 years, so… 6000 years) then RESTED..
    Ya all that REST ON THE DAY OF THE SUN, (1st day of the week) then work, are NOT FOLLOWERS OF JESUS OR HIS GOD…
    Not to be unkind, but to help you into the truth that JESUS taught in our holy scriptures.. WAKE UP. time is short..

  2. Romans 8:18 "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time

    are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us."

    It is in the afflictions of this life that we experience the God of ALL comfort.

  3. Pastor Paul, you and Heidi need to be checked out. Please let your doctor know you were on that flight from Japan. The virus in Japan has skyrocketed. Praying for you both. First symptom is a cough. It effects the lungs.

  4. The virus attacks the kidneys, causing elimination of potassium. No potassium causes muscle spasms/convulsions, from no electrolyte exchange in the muscles. Also includes heart muscles. Without potassium you cant NOT maintain your blood pressure, so that's why they FALL OUT COLD. They are still alive, but there are so many……… some potassium supplements.

  5. Medical martial law is much worse than regular martial law. It is the mark of the beast you will being vaccinated with you like it or not which will be Nanobots instructed to do what it's going to do to you whether you like it or not. Medical martial law is more personal it reveals all of your health information which they can put what they want as well. We going to pre-crime with this of threat assessment weather be in mental health whether it be a Contagion. They've already got the open border set up from state to state in the United States so you'll be stopped at the checkpoints to see if your tattoo which is also the mark of the beast the tattoo vaccinated or not as well as other health pertinent information like threat assessment through 1 to 5. That would be mental health drug addiction alcohol addiction vaccinated not. It'll put you under threat assessment which will give the government funds for you to get your algorithms read your brain algorithms will be red 24/7 as well as observation surveillance this is pre-crime. This is medical martial law

  6. Pastor you need to get of that high blood pressure meds.
    .I no people that died from it ..and you lungs will never be the same. They where spitting up blood after 5 years of use!!!!

  7. Amen Paul! The “WORD of GOD is AS MEDICINE “ Always encouraging that we can offer & present God’s help to those who feel helpless 💕 our Lord keeps His promises 🌈

  8. People need to understand that there are seven strains of the coronavirus, four of them are the cold, one is SARS, another is MERS and then there's this new strain one that doesn't really have a specific name, not sure why, ppl do refer to it as the Ncon virus, N standing for novel which means new, so when you see on a Lysol can but it kills the coronavirus it's because the coronavirus has been around a long time it does not in any way refer to this new strain

  9. Dear Pastor Paul…… just something you might want to consider about the Blood of Jesus. You mention to "plead" the Blood of Jesus. I have learned that pleading and applying are two different things entirely. When the Blood of lambs were APPLIED on the doorposts so the Death Angel would pass over them, they did not "PLEAD" the blood they had to APPLY the blood! Just passing this info on because it could make a difference at some point. I care enough to let you and others know. I believe that APPLYING the Blood of Jesus would be more beneficial…a choice of words can make a difference. Pray about it and allow the Lord to give you His response. Thank you for your servants heart but most of all, your Love for our Lord and giving us the info we need to help ourselves in prayer and daily life…to seek the Healer for protection and healing when needed. God bless you.


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