Dallas Mavericks news: Christian Wood has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks from the Houston Texans. The Mavericks trade has Mavs fans pumped as Christian Wood has been traded to the Mavs for Trey Burke, Boban Marjanovic, Marquese Chriss, Sterling Brown and the 26th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Get full Dallas Mavericks trade news, Christian Wood trade news and Mavericks news on today’s video live from Dallas’ Katy Trail Ice House.

Mavericks, Christian Wood trade details:
Mavs receive:
Christian Wood

Rockets Receive:
2022 1st Round Pick (#26 OVR)
Trey Burke
Boban Marjanovic
Marquese Chriss
Sterling Brown

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  1. as far as minutes distribution is concerned, Wood starts @ 5 and plays ~20 min there, Maxi plays the 4, and plays ~15-20 min there
    Powell comes in plays ~15 mins @ 5 which moves Wood to the 4 for 15-20 mins.
    which leaves ~10 mins for various lineups….@ the 4 & 5……

  2. I am just wondering would say a Brunson Bertans trade to knicks for say only go left Randel, reddish and obi be the worst thing. kicks get their starting point guard and Brunson gets the big truck full of money. it's not a bad deal for both sides. wouldn't they both have to at least think about it. Dallas helps with Randel knicks break and gives them there point Gard so knicks give two promising young wings for the help. lol Dallas could maybe sign dragon or Oladipo and Jalen smith with money they save. I like Brunson and Bertans, but wouldn't you have to think about it or not

  3. The only way I see the Mavs moving on from Powell is if they use the exemption to get back into the 2nd round for Kai Sotto. Not sure how likely that scenario would be, but at that point (with Wood & Maxi) Dwight is just getting in the way of developing Kai.

    And why not keep Dwight? As a starter the guy is a huge disappointment. But as the 3rd guy? Show me a better 3rd string C.

  4. I disagree. I think this move makes Bertans the expendable one, not Powell. I just don't see Bertans getting many minutes with Wood & Maxi. But Powell still has a role to play. Still a good pick n roll player.

    But finally the Mavs were able to combie Maxi & Powell. Got someone who can do the 5-Out strategy but can also roll to the bucket, post up a bit & get the easy 2 pointers when the offense needs a jumpstart.

    In many of the Mavs playoff losses it was because the offense would disappear. And the Mavs had no one (except Luka) who could post up and keep the offense rolling until the shots start falling again.

    And the Mavs defense needs a strong offense. They need to get set & then they can have a good defensive possession.

    Also, while Wood isn't a good rim protector he's not too bad against a switch. Able to stay in front of guys. But he is a good rebounder.

  5. Mavs won the off-season but should still trade for Myles Turner. Wood(offense)/Turner(defense) are both efficient, young & athletic stretch bigs.
    Wood: 17.9-10 50%FG 39%3pt
    Turner: 12.9-7 50% FG 33% 3pt 2.8blocks!
    Both ONLY 26

  6. Now the Mavs waiting for the Big Joker!πŸƒ
    23/24 Joker/Wood/Luka would be crazy and unstoppable!
    If they not giving Brunson a new contract then 100% they going for the Joker! Kleber and Powell are also running out next season!
    πŸ’₯All In for the JokerπŸ’₯

  7. Very clever trade !!!! All player Jason Kidd doesn't trust was traded for a pretty good center. Only 26# pick is questable for me becasue I want Dallas gonna take some good young player on draft as well. But they still have THJ, Powel, Betrans and Green for some another packages.

  8. If we can pull a Capela (or someone like that) trade, we are gonna be good to go! We will have added size, rebounding, and defense, while still keeping most of our offense intact. One more deal!!! MFFL

  9. Nice celebrations guy

    OUR starting 5 is basically Luka Brunson/THJ/DFS Bertans CW

    Bench: Dinwidie Green Bullock Maxi and Powell

    Maxi and Powell were great off the bench during the RIck era I don't see why they can't do it again

  10. Rockets might use the pick to get Kai Sotto, Green's fellow Filipino.

    More importantly, love this trade for the Mavs. I've been screaming Christian Wood because he's a proven double-double machine who would beast out with Luka and JKidds system


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