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  1. ABC is extremely bad! They never investigated Hillary and the 33,000 plus email fiasco! They never investigated Bill Clinton or would ever interview his victims. They deceived humanity about Roseanne Barr. That’s only a drop of their hypocrisy. ABC is corrupt and thank the Lord they will have to face the music at some point! Creeps!

  2. I was in the Alaska quake in 1964. It lasted just under 5 minutes. The original measurement was estimated to be 8.4 but was later upgraded to 9.2. It was something I will never forget!

  3. Hi, Dr. Claudia Albers, PHD, says California is becoming a volcanic field with fire heat coming up from the ground and recommends that California needs to be permanently evacuated. Seems like people are leaving in droves.

  4. Jesus prayed for us in John chapter 17 And we know that the prayers of a righteous man availeth much and a righteous Christ he made us from that there dust in thy throat and He came to save that which was lost. Praise Yahs ever lovingkindness his prayers are wonderful and burns full bright to return our the countenance that was lost by Adam in the garden whom God hath loved. He hath redeemed His pearl of graet price. Even a breath of righteous air we could not breath save His love for humanity! All are His in His time he will prove again exactly that my dear friend. Your redeemed so Be blessed in our hearts. And I don't know why I thought of these words but he does bring both the early and the latter rain doesn't he? Exodus Chapt 15 v 16. See the similarities and discern the differences. Love you all and by the way thanks for providing the platform through good old youtube by which so many so quickly may learn the Love of God as it is written.

  5. They have Santa Anas like Calif. Blowing from inland out to the west seas. These just caused the great fires in Calif. I m in Az mountain standard time it's almost 230 pm here daytime😀🌷Be safe!


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