also Has LA Marzulli Awaken The Giants also Also



  1. Seriously, I’m trying to listen to this as I go to sleep, not to mention there are other people in my house. I love the intensity, but do we have to scream without warning? GB

  2. See those old folk tales about giants eating people in all the old story books, fact becomes legend, legend becomes myth and then no one believes it was ever true. Look people, I know this stuff is fascinating, but it's demonic in it's roots, those giants, so don't put too much time into it, it attracts the wrong sort of attention to you.
    Focus on Christ, on things that are profitable to your sanctification.

  3. Pastor Paul, here is some good material no one ever pieces together today in Religion, Movies, New agers and everyone else. All of these are in effect and in plain sight today everywhere. Even in Ads, gaming and technology fronts like cern.

    Look into this.

    1. Cthulu
    2. The Djinn
    3. The prodigies of Egypt
    4. The Necronomicon
    5. H.R. Gieger with H.P. Lovecraft
    6. The Lost city of Iram.
    7. 1,000 Arabian Knights
    8. The nameless city. Where the giants and the Djinn live.

    This is all the real deal. It all circles back to all of this.
    All of the subject matter ties intogether. Even in all of the films and movies today.


  4. I Hate to say this pastor Paul but if America can go anywhere it wants then surely that sound be the same for everyone, then if you go into it deeper you will find they were flying in the airspace that was allowed to them, fear not Russia does not want to be destroyed no country does have faith in Jesus.


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